226 Possible Causes for Leg Ulcer in USA

    • Malignant Neoplasm
      Leg Ulcer
    • Skin Infection

      The researchers infected the arms of eight volunteers with the Haemophilus ducreyi, a bacteria that causes genital ulcers in Africa and Asia and disfiguring leg ulcers in[1]

    • Tuberculosis
      Leg Ulcer
    • Felty's Syndrome
      Leg Ulcer

      ulcers, skin pigmentation etc. … […] with moderate or absent joint inflammation and severe extra-articular disease, including a high frequency of rheumatoid nodules, lymphadenopathy, hepatopathy, vasculitis, leg … Patients with Felty's syndrome can have more infections than the average person and can develop leg ulcers.[2] [3]

    • Cooley's Anemia
      Leg Ulcer

      Patients may have splenomegaly and bone deformities, recurrent leg ulcers, gallstones and infections.[4]

    • Splenic Fever
      Leg Ulcer
    • Postphlebitic Syndrome
      Leg Ulcer

      Patients may develop leg ulcers and skin fibrosis, claim pain, swelling and paresthesias. … Leg ulcers are long-term complications of DVT and will not be observable in patients presenting with acute thromboembolism. … Both medical history and physical examination may, however, not allow for a clear distinction between DVT, CVI and PS if leg ulcers are not present.[5]

    • Syphilis
      Leg Ulcer
    • Buruli Ulcer
      Leg Ulcer
    • Cellulitis
      Leg Ulcer

      ulcers (OR 2.5) Chronic edema or lymphedema (OR 2.5) Prior cellulitis in the same area (OR 2.1) Cellulitis at a wound site (OR 1.9) Disposition Admit for: Sepsis Significant … SMX 2 DS tablets (5mg/kg) PO q12hrs x 10 days Ceftriaxone 1g (50mg/kg) IV q24hrs Predictors of Treatment Failure [7] Fever (T 38 C) at triage (odds ratio [OR] 4.3) Chronic leg … A break in the skin can be caused by any of the following: Burn Insect bite Animal bite Puncture wound Leg ulcer Skin conditions ( eczema or athlete’s foot) Symptoms of cellulitis[6] [7]

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