16 Possible Causes for Leptospira Interrogans in USA

  • Fort Bragg Fever
    Leptospira Interrogans Leptospira

    Leptospirosis is an infection caused by corkscrew-shaped bacteria called Leptospira. Signs and symptoms can range from none to mild such as headaches, muscle pains, and fevers; to severe with bleeding from the lungs or meningitis. If the infection causes the person to turn yellow, have kidney failure and bleeding,…[1]

  • Leptospirosis
    Weil's Disease Leptospira

    Leptospirosis is an infectious disease which occurs in humans, rodents and other wild and domesticated species.  There is a wide range of symptoms that can occur in humans who are affected by leptospirosis even though some people will be asymptomatic. Since the disease is considered a biphasic disease it presents…[2]

  • Weil's Disease

    Weil's disease is a severe and potentially life-threatening zoonotic infection caused by Leptospira, a spirochetal bacterial pathogen. Fever, constitutional symptoms, gastrointestinal irritation and muscle ache progressing to hepatorenal failure, pulmonary dysfunction, and involvement of other organs is the typical…[3]

  • Leptospiral Meningitis
  • Babesiosis
    Weil's Disease Leptospirosis

    Babesiosis is an infectious tick-borne caused by protozoa of the genus Babesia. The symptoms manifested in cases of babesiosis are similar to symptoms of malaria. The extent of the symptoms depends on the extent of RBC destruction due to the parasite. The range can be from no overt symptoms to severe…[4]

  • Relapsing Fever
    Weil's Disease Leptospirosis

    Relapsing fever is a condition characterized by episodes of fever, headache, myalgias, arthralgias, and nausea followed by a few days of improvement after which there is a recurrence of symptoms. It is caused by some species of Borrelia spirochetes and can be of two types: the tick-borne relapsing fever and the…[5]

  • Kawasaki Disease
    Weil's Disease

    Kawasaki disease (Kawasaki syndrome, mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome) is a systemic vasculitis of unknown etiology that primarily affects infants and children. Symptoms include a fever lasting more than 5 days, macular-papular erythematous rash, adenopathy, bilateral conjunctival injection and swelling of the…[6]

  • Yellow Fever
    Weil's Disease Leptospirosis

    Yellow fever is an acute arbovirus infection. It is transmitted by the bite of the yellow fever mosquito (Aedes aegypti) and other species. Yellow fever has an incubation period of five to six days. In the initial phase that lasts for three to four days, there is mild fever with rigors and chills and yellowing of the…[7]

  • Viral Meningitis
    Weil's Disease

    Viral meningitis, as the name suggests, is a viral disease that causes inflammation of the meninges which are essentially membranes that cover the brain and the spinal cord. Individuals with poor immune system are more prone to develop viral infections. The symptoms of viral meningitis often mimic those of bacterial…[8]

  • Rare Form of Salmonellosis
    Weil's Disease

    Typhoid fever (enteric fever) is a multisystemic bacterial disease caused by salmonella typhi. Common symptoms include fever, malaise, bradycardia, headache, abdominal pain, and constipation. As the clinical presentation of typhoid fever is variable, and since it is a potentially fatal condition, treatment is presumptively…[9]

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