2,891 Possible Causes for Lesion of the Tongue

  • Insect Bite

    […] symptoms such as: Hives, itching, or swelling in areas beyond the sting site Swelling of the lips or throat Tightness in the chest or difficulty breathing Hoarse voice or tongue[skinsight.com] Small, itchy lumps or lesions near bite can be treated with an oral corticosteroid, such as prednisolone, or an oral antihistamine.[medicalnewstoday.com] Bedbugs prefer the head and neck area, often biting several times in the same area and leaving a group of lesions.[skinsight.com]

  • Tongue Disease

    If you have HIV infection, you may get a condition called "hairy" leukoplakia, a precancerous lesion.[sharecare.com] For example, lesions of the tongue may require near-total glossectomy 77.[slideshare.net] Epidemiology [ edit ] Tongue lesions are very common.[en.wikipedia.org]

  • Tongue Carcinoma

    Small lesions that are well lateralised should be excised (partial glossectomy).[myvmc.com] Premalignant lesions 24.[slideshare.net] The lesions may ulcerate and cause scarring of the tongue.[dovemed.com]

  • Tongue Ulcer

    Butter to soothe the pain - Applying Butter on the lesions of tongue will certainly have effect in reducing the tingling and burning sensation.[tongue-ulcer.50webs.com] More often than not, lesions appearing on the tongue are canker sores.[buzzle.com] Eosinophilic ulcer of the tongue.[scielo.br]

  • Glossitis

    Median rhomboid glossitis is another type of glossitis characterized by a diamond or oval shaped red lesion in the middle of the tongue.[healthpedian.org] Painful, burning tongue, often without lesions visible to explain the pain.[ecopolitan.com] Geographic tongue .[healthpedian.org]

  • Benign Migratory Glossitis

    Local loss of filiform papillae leads to ulcer-like lesions that rapidly change the color and size.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov] , consists of migrating, painless white lesions of different sizes on the dorsum of the tongue.[njgp.org] This condition was first reported by Rayer in 1831. 2 Widespread red oral lesions Flores, I.L., Santos-Silva, A.R., Coletta, R.D., Vargas, P.A., Lopes, M.A.[jisppd.com]

  • Macroglossia

    Malignant lesions such as carcinoma and sarcoma and benign lesions such as neurofibroma and lipoma can lead to macroglossia.[healthtipsandguides.net] The tongue may be pushed forward if there is a lesion posteriorly such as: intrinsic mass involving the tongue, e.g lymphangioma epignathus intra-oral duplcation cyst 2 1.[radiopaedia.org] […] other comorbidities that make general anesthesia more dangerous. [4] In the pediatric population, many cases of macroglossia are associated with syndromes that may have lesions[emedicine.medscape.com]

  • Tongue Amyloidosis

    The biopsy of the excised lesion of the tongue revealed subepithelial accumulation of an amorphous, nodular, fibrillar material positive for Congo red.[link.springer.com] Because multiple myeloma was suspected, whole-body plain X-ray imaging was performed, and systemic punched-out lesions were confirmed.[jstage.jst.go.jp] Incisional biopsy was done from one of the nodular lesions in the tongue with the diagnostic possibilities of carcinoma tongue/myeloma infiltration.[jomfp.in]

  • Lingual Papillitis

    tongue may start as a white patch before the depapillation occurs. [4] In certain cases there may be only one lesion, but this is uncommon; [4] the lesions will typically[readtiger.com] This presents as creamy white lesions over the tongue.[buddymd.com] In rare cases, lesions may not be accompanied with any other symptoms.[insidetheclinic.com]

  • Median Rhomboid Glossitis

    Wright BA, Fenwick F: Candidiasis and atrophic tongue lesions.[karger.com] Abstract Median rhomboid glossitis manifests as a well-delineated erythematous area located along the midline posterior dorsal tongue.[banglajol.info] Oral hairy leukoplakia  OHL – corrugated white lesion seen on ventral and lateral surfaces of tongue  Commonly associated with HIV  EBV – causative agent  Lesions are[slideshare.net]

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