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59 Possible Causes for leth

Did you mean: lethal

  • Peripheral Neuroblastoma

    Seite 68 - De Plaen, E; Arden, K; Traversari, C; Gaforio, JJ; Szikora, JP; De Smet, C; Brasseur, F; van der Bruggen, P; Lethe, B; Lurquin, C; Brasseur, R; Chomez, P; De Backer[] Seite 69 - De Plaen E, Arden K, Traversari C, Gaforio JJ, Szikora JP, De Smet C, Brasseur F, van der Bruggen P, Lethe B, Lurquin C, et al.: Structure, chromosomal localization[]

  • Uveoparotid Fever

    One patient . . . was regarded as a case of ence- phalitis lethargica . . . with signs of involvement of the brain stem (leth- argy), the cerebral cortex (hallucina- tions[]

  • Lethal Midline Granuloma

    Lethargize [leth-er-jahyz] /ˈlɛθ ərˌdʒaɪz/ verb (used with object), lethargized, lethargizing. 1. to make lethargic; stupefy.[]

  • Essential Hypertension

    Leth, A.: Aendringer i plasma og ekstracellulaervolumen hos patienter med essentiel hypertension i langtidsterapi med hydroklortiazid. Nord.[] Leth, A.: Changes in plasma and extracellular fluid volumes in patients with essential hypertension during long-term treatment with hydrochlorothiazide.[]

  • Lethargy

    WordReference Random House Unabridged Dictionary of American English 2018 leth•ar•gy (leth ′ ər jē), USA pronunciation n., pl.[] The name of the river and the word lethargic, as well as the related noun lethargy, all derive from lethe, Greek for forgetfulness.[] But this “Lethe,” in Ovid, is also a goddess, of forgetfulness. In truth there are things we want to forget and should forget.[]

  • Deficiency Disorder

    Neurologist Leth Argos is part of the …[] PLOS The disease was first described in an effort coordinated by Ray Moynihan when BMJ published a description of it for April Fool's Day in 2006. [1] Fake neurologist "Leth[]

  • Cholelithiasis

    […] hoists holies holist hollas hosels hostas hostel hotels iciest illest illite eolith escots etches ethics etoile lashes lassie lathes lathis latish leases leasts leches lethal lethes[] […] hosel hoses hosta hosts hotch hotel ileac ileal iliac ilial escot ethic ethos lases lassi lasso lasts latch lathe lathi laths leach lease leash least leech leets leses letch lethe[]

  • Proteinuria

    ., Poelhius-Leth, D.J. Davis's Comprehensive Handbook of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests With Nursing Implications . 3rd Edition, Philadelphia: F.A. Davis Company; 2009.[]

  • Acute Epiglottitis

    Andreassen UK, Husum B, Tos M, Leth N . Acute epiglottitis in adults. A management protocol based on a 17-year material. Acta Anaesthesiol Scand 1984; 28: 155–7.[] Andreassen UK, Hancke AB, Leth NK, Husum B, Tos M . Acute epiglottitis - a management protocol based on a 15-year material.[] Andreassen UK, Husum B, Tos M, Leth N . Acute epiglottitis in adults. A management protocol based on a 17-year material. Acta Anaesthesiol Scand 1984, 28: 155–7.[]

  • Encephalitis Lethargica

    Rate How Difficult to Pronounce this word Very Easy Easy Moderate Difficult Extremely Difficult [American] en-cephali-tis lethar-gica [British] en-ceph-al-itis leth-ar-gica[]

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