Possible Causes for Leucoderma in USA

  • Cartilage Hair Hypoplasia

    Signs and symptoms of cartilage hair hypoplasia (CHH) may be evident from birth, when disproportionately short limbs, considered as a cardinal feature of CHH, are identified. Consequently, a short stature is evident in all patients, with metaphyseal dysplasia being the principal pathological event. Bowing of the lower…[1]

  • Prader-Willi Syndrome

    Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS), also known as Prader-Labhart-Willi syndrome, is a rare genetic disorder that arises due to genetic abnormalities. It is a multiphasic disorder that can lead to obesity in children. Delayed onset of development is commonly observed in the cases of PWS. Behavioral and cognitive problems are…[2]

  • Tuberous Sclerosis

    Patients with tuberous sclerosis present with fluctuating clinical pictures, due to the multiplicity of the locations where the tumors may form. In order to diagnose tuberous sclerosis, either of the two diagnostic criteria must be met: 2 major features or 1 major feature plus 2 minor: The patient definitely suffers…[3]

  • Phenylketonuria

    Phenylketonuria is a well-known and recognized autosomal recessive disorder of phenylalanine metabolism that if not detected early may lead to mental retardation. The disorder is characterized by high serum levels of phenylalanine. Definition: Phenylketonuria is a genetic disease that is caused by a deficiency in an…[4]

  • Extensive Burns
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