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140 Possible Causes for Leukocytes Increased, Nephrolithiasis, Refractory Anemia

  • Primary Myelofibrosis

    […] frequency of leukemic blast cells (its degree of leukemicness) and, therefore, its course, than to clonal sideroblastic anemia (‘refractory sideroblastic anemia in the WHO[] […] blood counts with immature granulocytes and atypical platelets Later cytopenias develop, more dysplastic cells, teardrop elliptocytes / dacrocytes Leukocyte (neutrophil)[] Hyperuricemia, gout and nephrolithiasis have been observed in PMF patients and may be considered consequences of increased extramedullary hematopoiesis or symptoms of tumor[]

  • Acute Myelocytic Leukemia

    Cytogenetic investigation of the bone marrow cells of an 88-year-old woman with refractory anemia with an excess of blasts in transformation with progression to acute myelocytic[] […] which are unable to fight off infections - Increased metabolic rate with weakness, pallor, and weight loss- Caused by increased leukocyte production which require increased[] This category includes the entities of refractory anemia (RA) for those with anemia and only dyserythropoiesis (but in whom ring sideroblasts account for less than 15% of[]

  • Multiple Myeloma

    The patient in our case study suffered refractory anemia following surgery and 2 cycles of chemotherapy.[] In addition, the levels of PS erythrocytes, platelets, leukocytes, and ECs incubated with IMiDs and dexamethasone were higher than with IMiDs alone.[] Therefore, when CRC is associated with refractory anemia, we should not only assume that anemia is a classical symptom of CRC, a result of chronic blood loss, nutritional[]

  • Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

    Five patients had refractory cytopenia with multilineage dysplasia, and 3 patients had refractory anemia with excess blasts-2 (RAEB-2).[] It is accompanied by a reduced number of erythrocytes and blood platelets, resulting in anemia and increased susceptibility to infection and hemorrhage.[] Refractory: CLL does not respond to standard treatments.[]

  • Acute Monocytic Leukemia

    Two had acute monocytic leukemia (AMoL), one had chronic myelomonocytic leukemia, one had refractory anemia, and the other had juvenile chronic myelogenous leukemia.[] He became resistant to second-line chemotherapy, with gradually increasing leukocytes, up to 50% blasts in BM in December 2013, and abnormal cells positive for CD117, CD13[] Anemia Completed NCT00046930 Phase 3 cytarabine;daunorubicin hydrochloride;zosuquidar trihydrochloride;Placebo 19 Cyproheptadine in Preventing Weight Loss in Children Receiving[]

  • Acute Erythroblastic Leukemia

    Refractory anemias: acquired enzymopathies of hematopoietic stem cells. Nouv Rev Fr Hematol 1969; 9 :65–86. 8. Kiossoglou KA, Mitus WJ, Dameshek W.[] There may also be an increased number of granular leukocytes called eosinophils, a type of granulocyte that often has a two-lobed nucleus.[] It is accompanied by a reduced number of erythrocytes and blood platelets, resulting in anemia and increased susceptibility to infection and hemorrhage.[]

  • Chronic Phase of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

    Increasing basophilia is a sign of acceleration![] […] basophils and eosinophils Mild to moderate anemia, usually normochromic and normocytic Platelet counts low, normal, or increased Leukocyte alkaline phosphatase stains very[] As in the case of KYN, increased NPT levels dropped after achieving remission.[]

  • Myeloproliferative Disease

    anemia with ringed sideroblasts (RARS) and chronic myelomonocytic leukemia (CMML).[] A myeloproliferative disorder manifested by thrombocytosis, a high leukocyte alkaline phosphatase (LAP) score and an increased red blood cell mass was found in a 64-yr-old[] Main feature: gradual increase in leukocyte count See too many neutrophils at various stages of maturation, granulocytosis with all granulocytic precursors, and there is characteristic[]

  • Chronic Kidney Insufficiency

    Simultaneously, thrombocyte and leukocyte dysfunctions or deficiencies can arise.[] […] restriction of dietary protein, phosphate, and potassium Vitamin D supplements Treatment of anemia Treatment of contributing comorbidities (eg, heart failure, diabetes mellitus, nephrolithiasis[] Congenital obstructive urinary flow disorders, chronic-recurrent nephrolithiasis or amyloidosis can permanently damage the kidneys and lead to chronic renal failure.[]

  • Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

    During the hospitalization his pleural fluid became purulent and changes in blood counts were registered with the increase of leukocytes, especially neutrophils.[] Psychosomatic Acute Kidney Injury Chronic Kidney Disease Fluids & Electrolytes Glomerulonephritis Hemodialysis Hypertension REFERENCE BOOK Screening for Hypertension CTFPHC Nephrolithiasis[] Family history: People with family history of lymphoma and confirmed common genetic variations (including variations in the human leukocyte antigen) are at an increased risk[]

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