Possible Causes for Leukocytosis in USA

  • Upper Respiratory Infection
    Leukocytes Increased

    White blood cell count: Leukocytosis is very common with counts more than 10,000 per cubic millimeter and a predominance of polymorphs and immature neutrophils.[1]

  • Infectious Mononucleosis

    Leukocytosis is a common feature of infectious mononucleosis and absence of this should suggest an alternative diagnosis.[2]

  • Malignant Neoplasm
    Leukocytosis Eosinophilia
  • Appendicitis
    Leukocytosis Leukocytes Increased

    The combination of pain, anorexia, leukocytosis, and fever is classic.[3]

  • Tuberculosis
    Leukocytosis Leukocytes Increased

    It may also present with leukocytosis and anemia, however, the findings are nonspecific.[4]

  • Leukemoid Reaction
    Leukocytosis Leukocytes Increased Basophilia

    Conventionally, a leukocytosis exceeding 50,000 WBC/mm3 with a significant increase in early neutrophil precursors is referred to as a leukemoid reaction. … The term leukemoid reaction describes an increased white blood cell count, or leukocytosis, which is a physiological response to stress or infection (as opposed to a primary … ketoacidosis Organ necrosis Hepatic necrosis Ischemic colitis As a feature of trisomy 21 in infancy (incidence of ~10%) As a paraneoplastic phenomenon (rare) Leukemid Leukocytosis[5]

  • Leukostasis
    Leukocytosis Leukocytes Increased

    Leukostasis is an extreme form of leukocytosis (an excess of white blood cells) that is dangerously symptomatic.[6]

  • Rheumatic Fever
    Leukocytosis Leukocytes Increased

    Blood tests: Leukocytosis is seen with a total of around 12000 to 15000 white cells per cubic millimeter. … The minor criteria include the following: Fever Arthralgia Previous history of rheumatic fever Raised Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) or C-reactive protein (CRP) Leukocytosis[7]

  • Ascending Cholangitis
    Leukocytosis Leukocytes Increased

    A complete blood count (CBC) will almost always show leukocytosis, whereas inflammatory parameters - C-reactive protein (CRP), erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), and fibrinogen … [8]

  • Adult-Onset Still Disease
    Leukocytosis Leukocytes Increased

    diagnostic criteria are divided into major (Fever ≥ 39°C, joint pain, skin rash, pharyngitis, granulocytosis of ≥ 80%, and glycosylated ferritin fraction of ≤ 20%) and minor (leukocytosis[9]


Leukocytosis refers to an increase in the total number of leukocytes.

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