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4,750 Possible Causes for Leukocytosis, Platypnea, Sickle Cell Disease

  • Splenic Infarction

    AJR 2014; 203:315–322 Differential Diagnosis of Acute LUQ Pain Spleen • Infarct and sickle cell crisis • Splenomegaly • Rupture • Abscess and infection • Ruptured splenic[] […] foramen ovale are paradoxical embolism of the thrombus, air or fat with a subsequent cerebrovascular accident (ischemic brain lesions on MRI), refractory hypoxemia, and platypnea-orthodeoxia[] A post hoc analysis demonstrated that single infarcts were more likely to be associated with fever (20% vs. 63%, p 0.05) and leukocytosis (75% vs. 33%, P 0.06) The clinical[]

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    Risk factors include sexual activity, increasing age and parity, diabetes, lower socioeconomic class, a history of UTIs, sickle cell disease, and structural/functional abnormalities[] Here, we report a case of a 52-year-old male patient who underwent renal transplant 1 month earlier and who presented with fever, leukocytosis, and leukocyturia.[] Factors associated with poor outcome are old age or general debility, kidney stones, recent hospitalization, diabetes, sickle cell disease , cancer , or chronic kidney disease[]

    Missing: Platypnea
  • Influenza

    Hemodynamically significant cardiac disease. Immunosuppressive disorders or therapy. HIV infection. Sickle cell anemia and other hemoglobinopathies.[] Diseases that necessitate long-term aspirin therapy, including juvenile idiopathic arthritis or Kawasaki disease. Chronic renal dysfunction.[] […] adolescents with underlying medical conditions associated with an elevated risk of complications from influenza, including the following: Asthma or other chronic pulmonary diseases[]

    Missing: Platypnea
  • Meningitis

    You are also at higher risk if you have a weakened immune system, have had your spleen removed , are on corticosteroids because of kidney failure or have a sickle cell disease[] Patients with CSF non-pleocytosis had much lower peripheral leukocytosis (10 656 3,662 vs 12 403 4,207/mm3 , P 0.014) and C-reactive protein (0.7 0.8 vs 1.2 1.5 mg/dL, P 0.001[] cell disease etc.[]

    Missing: Platypnea
  • Appendicitis

    Ruptured ovarian cyst (follicular, corpus luteum) Tubo-ovarian abscess Systemic Diabetic ketoacidosis Porphyria Sickle cell disease Henoch-Schönlein purpura Pulmonary Pleuritis[] Blood test results revealed leukocytosis.[] On admission, the patient was in septic shock with leukocytosis and elevation of C-reactive protein. Among other diagnoses, necrotizing fasciitis was suspected.[]

    Missing: Platypnea
  • Pneumonia

    Adults ages 19-64 who smoke or have asthma Anyone ages 2-64 who has a long-term health problem such as heart or lung disease, diabetes, sickle cell disease, alcoholism, cirrhosis[] Empyema is potentially more serious and presents as the persistence of fever and leukocytosis after 4-5 days of appropriate antibiotic therapy.[] Having a chronic disease: If you have COPD, asthma , heart disease, bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, celiac disease , or sickle cell disease, your risk of contracting[]

    Missing: Platypnea
  • Adrenal Insufficiency

    The objective was to investigate adrenal function of adult patients with sickle cell disease.[] […] vasoconstrictors Opposition to increases in capillary permeability Inhibition of interleukin-2 (IL-2) production by macrophages Stimulation of polymorphonuclear neutrophil (PMN) leukocytosis[] cell disease, respectively; and blood culture negative septic shock (n   8). 10 Our study was approved by the hospital ethics committee.[]

    Missing: Platypnea
  • Atrial Myxoma

    This phenomenon is called platypnea and can occur with other disorders as well.[] The blood laboratory tests revealed microcytic anemia, leukocytosis, thrombocytosis, increased serum levels of C-reactive protein level, and negative blood cultures.[] Symptoms may include: Shortness of breath with activity Platypnea – Difficulty breathing in the upright position with relief in the supine position Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea[]

    Missing: Sickle Cell Disease
  • Sickle Cell Disease

    Leukocytosis or erythema does not accompany the swelling.[] A 27-year-old African-American female with known sickle cell disease was admitted for sickle cell crisis and presumed sepsis.[] […] rate. [16] Sickle cell crisis [ edit ] The terms "sickle cell crisis" or "sickling crisis" may be used to describe several independent acute conditions occurring in patients[]

    Missing: Platypnea
  • Sepsis

    The bacterium has been isolated in a few reported cases of neurosurgical infections and patients with end-stage cirrhosis, sickle cell disease, and community-acquired urinary[] […] ascendant and descendant thoracic aortic aneurysm, presenting 7 years after thoracic endovascular aneurysm repair with thoracic pain, fever, inflammatory indexes increase, leukocytosis[] (Also at risk are children with certain conditions like sickle cell disease or HIV infection.)[]

    Missing: Platypnea

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