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1,159 Possible Causes for Leukopenia, Sore Mouth

  • Agranulocytosis

    The risks of severe leukopenia and agranulocytosis have varied over time and among geographical regions and cultures, with little information available on South American populations[] The early symptoms of agranulocytosis may include: sudden fever chills sore throat weakness in your limbs sore mouth and gums mouth ulcers bleeding gums Other signs and symptoms[] […] throat mouth sores that keep returning toothache skin rashes tiredness flu-like symptoms Occasionally, infections can lead to a life-threatening condition called sepsis .[]

  • Folate-Deficiency Anemia

    The disease also is characterized by leukopenia (a deficiency of white blood cells, or leukocytes ), by thrombocytopenia (a deficiency of platelets ), by ineffective blood[] For more information see: Folic acid and birth defect prevention Symptoms Fatigue Headache Pallor Sore mouth and tongue Exams and Tests The doctor or nurse will perform a[] If severe, there may be leukopenia and thrombocytopenia. There is no clear consensus on the level of serum folate that indicates deficiency.[]

  • Pernicious Anemia

    A deficiency of white blood cells ( leukopenia ) and platelets ( thrombocytopenia ) in the blood may occur.[] Here, I show that her physical ailments spanned 30 years and included sore mouth, pallor, paresthesias, the Lhermitte symptom, fever, headaches, fatigue, resting tachycardia[] Intravenous Lipid Emulsion-Associated Catatonia, Thrombocytopenia, and Leukopenia: A Case Report and the Role of NMDA Receptor .[]

  • Chemotherapy

    The main outcomes were improvement in chemotherapy-induced grade 3/4 marrow suppression (leukopenia, neutropenia, anemia, and thrombocytopenia) or gastrointestinal toxicities[] mouth dry, sore or itchy skin diarrhoea or constipation Many of these side effects can be treated or prevented and most, if not all, will pass after treatment stops.[] Hematological toxicities of Grade 3/4 were leukopenia 50%, neutropenia 68%, and febrile neutropenia 18%.[]

  • Chronic Arsenic Poisoning

    […] distribution (sensory peripheral neuropathy ) Headache, drowsiness, confusion Distal weakness of small muscles e.g. hands and feet Blood and urine Haemolytic anaemia (moderate) leukopenia[] Seizures, dizziness, fainting, languor, listlessness, and lethargy were definitely observed in the health biography, as was stomatitis, or sores and ulcers in the mouth.[] ) and easy bruising / petechia (thrombocytopenia) Anemia and leukopenia are common in chronic arsenic toxicity, are often accompanied by thrombocytopenia and mild eosinophilia[]

  • Sjogren's Syndrome

    Blood tests may reveal elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate and transaminase levels, anemia, leukopenia, eosinophilia, hypergammaglobulinemia, presence of antinuclear antibodies[] Other symptoms may include: Contact lens discomfort Dry sinuses and frequent sinus infections or nosebleeds Sore mouth, tongue or throat Difficulty chewing or swallowing Dry[] High SP-D levels were found with severe glandular involvement, hypergammaglobulinemia, leukopenia, extraglandular manifestations, and positive anti-Ro/La antibodies.[]

  • Severe Aplastic Anemia

    Symptoms result from anemia, thrombocytopenia (petechiae, bleeding), or leukopenia (infections).[] sores Infections From too few platelets: Easy bruising Nosebleeds Bleeding gums Blood in the stool Heavy bleeding with menstrual periods Other symptoms: Nausea Skin rashes[] […] cell count (anemia) can cause: Fatigue Pallor (paleness) Rapid heart rate Shortness of breath with exercise Weakness Lightheadedness upon standing Low white cell count (leukopenia[]

  • Pancytopenia

    In this study, we describe seven cases of severe thrombocytopenia, anemia and leukopenia (pancytopenia) from the same geographic locality and similar clinical presentation[] Patients with mouth sores or any signs of irritation around peripheral lines or other signs of skin infection should additionally receive gram positive coverage against methicillin-resistant[] After birth at 33   0 weeks the newborn presented only transfused RBCs and suffered from anemia, thrombocytopenia, leukopenia, and a cholestatic liver disease.[]

  • Mesna

    […] bullous skin and mucous membrane lesions, and abdominal complaints with profuse diarrhea were noted approximately 3 weeks after the initiation of therapy for CYC-induced leukopenia[] Try using herbs and spices (unless you have a sore mouth or ulcers) or strong-flavoured sauces to give your food more flavour.[] IMEpi regimen had a tolerable toxicity profile including alopecia, nausea and vomiting, microscopic hematuria, leukopenia and neurotoxicity in which serious complications[]

  • Netilmicin

    Hematologic: Increases in ALT, AST, alkaline phosphatase, bilirubin; anemia, eosinophilia, neutropenia, thrombocytopenia, thrombocytosis, agranulocytosis , leukopenia, leukemoid[] Also suspect overgrowth of opportunistic organisms if patient develops sore rectum, diarrhea, vaginal discharge, sore mouth, fever.[]

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