Possible Causes for Leydig Cell Tumor in USA

  • Adamantinoma
    Bone Tumor

    Adamantinomas are rare, slow growing malignant bone tumors, which occurs almost exclusively in the long bones. One of the most common traits of this tumor is its predilection for the long bones. It occurs here in 97% of cases. On the long bones, it focuses on the tibia in 80% -85% of cases. It is therefore its most…[1]

  • Mycosis Fungoides
    Sezary Cell

    Mycosis fungoides is a rare cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. The cause of mycosis fungoides is unknown. Development of indolent skin lesions is the major characteristic of mycosis fungoides. The lesions most commonly appear in the areas of buttocks, groin, breast, lower trunk, hips and axillae. The skin lesions usually…[2]

  • Basal Cell Carcinoma
    Pigmented Tumor

    Basal cell carcinoma, abbreviated as BBC, is the most common type of skin cancer affecting millions of individuals across the globe. The cancer starts from the basal cells of the skin and its appendages. Basal cell carcinomas usually develop on the head and neck region which are majorly exposed to sun. Development…[3]

  • Dandy-Walker Syndrome
    Infratentorial Tumor

    Malformations of the central nervous system are the second most common congenital anomalies, the highest being congenital heart disease. With the advent of routine obstetric ultrasounds and anomaly scans the diagnosis are made in the antenatal period. Dandy-Walker syndrome is are complex developmental anomaly of…[4]

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