31 Possible Causes for Lhermitte's Sign in USA

  • Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
    Lhermitte's Sign
  • Platybasia
    Lhermitte's Sign
  • Lead Poisoning
    Lhermitte's Sign
  • Pernicious Anemia
    Lhermitte's Sign
  • Cervical Spondylosis
    Lhermitte's Sign

    Lhermitte sign: feeling of electrical shock with patient neck flexion Reduced range of motion of the neck, the most frequent objective finding on physical examination MRI … symptoms Clumsy or weak hands Leg weakness or stiffness Neck stiffness Pain in shoulders or arms Unsteady gait Common signs Atrophy of the hand musculature Hyperreflexia Lhermitte'ssign (electric shock-like sensation down the center of the back following flexion of the neck) Sensory loss Pain following a stereotypical dermatomal distribution is referred[1] [2]

  • Narrow Cervical Spinal Canal
    Lhermitte's Sign
  • Subacute Combined Degeneration of Spinal Cord
    Lhermitte's Sign
  • Multiple Sclerosis
    Lhermitte's Sign

    Uhthoff's phenomenon, a worsening of symptoms due to exposure to higher than usual temperatures, and Lhermitte's sign, an electrical sensation that runs down the back when[3]

  • Myelopathy

    hyper-reflexia, and frank clonus in lower extremities; - posterior cord involvement: causes decline in ability to walk, apparent ataxia; - loss of lower extremity proprioception; - Lhermitte'ssign: - paresthesias or leg weakness exacerbated by neck flexion; - men may be cursed by this as they attempt to urinate; - ref: Lhermitte's sign: Review with special emphasis … suggested that sensory findings usually include preservation of touch, loss of pain and temperature, loss of proprioception and vibration below the level of lesion. 2 Clonus, Lhermitte's[4] [5]

  • Demyelinating Disease

    links to information and resources for your patients] Visual Blurred vision Unilateral loss of vision Oscillopsia Diplopia Motor Sensory Numbness Paresthesias Dysesthesias Lhermitte’s … ’s sign “MS hug” Trigeminal neuralgia Allodynia Hyperpathia Proprioception deficits Cerebellar Genitourinary Neuropsychiatric Other symptoms Prominent intractable fatigue … Lhermitte sign consists of an electric sensation down back and/or legs with neck flexion.[6] [7]

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