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161 Possible Causes for lice infestations

  • Insect Bite

    Arthropods can infest human skin, especially scabies and head lice They can inflict bites and stings They can carry diseases such as malaria, yellow fever and filariasis They[]

  • Skin Infection

    Treatment for lice usually consists of lotions containing malathion or permethrine are effective in clearing the infestation.[] Pubic lice are usually spread through intimate contact.[] Classmates of affected children should be checked for hair lice.[]

  • Pediculus Capitis Infestation

    Lice infesting other host species are not the same organism as that which causes head lice infestations in humans, nor do the three louse species which infest humans infest[] About 78% of the infested children had from one to ten lice. Approximately 80% of the infested children had nits that were 2-5 cm away from the scalp.[] Epidemiological Studies on Head Lice Infestation in Israel I.[]

  • Pediculosis Corporis

    Body lice can infest people of all races and infestation may occur anywhere in the world.[] […] factor for pubic lice infestation.[] Treatment of lice infestations include topical pediculicides as well as non-pharmacologic measures (e.g., hot washing of contaminated clothing and sheets).[]

  • Pediculosis Pubis

    […] factor for pubic lice infestation.[] Pubic lice infestations may occur with other sexually transmitted diseases.[] Body lice can infest people of all races and infestation may occur anywhere in the world.[]

  • Piperonyl Butoxide-Pyrethrin Shampoo

    Since lice infestations are spread through contact, you should make sure that your family members and sexual partner(s) are examined for lice infestation.[] Lice infestations are spread by contact. Each family member should be examined carefully.[] This medication is used to treat head lice and crab lice infestations. Pyrethrins belong to the group of medications called insecticides.[]

  • Ivermectin

    lice infestations occur in children 3–11 years of age.[] At the beginning of the study, 70 (34.8%) of 201 participants in the ivermectin group were infested by head lice versus 145 (60.7%) of 239 participants in the shampoo group[] […] individual. 3 4 Fumigation of living areas not necessary. 3 4 Evaluate other family members and close contacts of infested individual and treat if lice infestation present[]

  • Lindane

    Abstract Total of 7,495 children including 3,908 boys and 3,587 girls from a kindergarten and 15 primary schools were examined for head lice infestation (HLI).[] Abstract A case of lindane toxicity in a 24-year-old woman who used lindane shampoo for treatment of an alleged case of lice infestation is described.[] ., lice infestation) and scabies; lindane has been associated with human neurologic toxicity.[]

  • Trench Fever

    If an infested person can be given a complete change of clothes and showered, the body lice infestation will cease.[] […] noun mass noun A highly contagious rickettsial disease transmitted by lice, that infested soldiers in the trenches in the First World War.[] It is important to note that body lice live in the clothing of infested people and only go to the body to feed.[]

  • Epidemic Typhus

    Controlling Brill-Zinsser relapses is important in stopping epidemics of typhus before they start, especially in areas where lice infestation is prominent.[] Prevention involves good hygiene, clean living conditions, and avoiding contact with lice-infested clothing.[] Via feces of infected body lice being scratched into the skin by an infested human. Symptoms together with an infestation of body lice.[]

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