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499 Possible Causes for Lichen Planus, Oral Contraceptive

  • Eczema L40-L45 ICD-10-CM Range L40-L45 Papulosquamous disorders L40 Psoriasis L41 Parapsoriasis L42 Pityriasis rosea L43 Lichen planus L44 Other papulosquamous disorders[] Other factors Isolated reports describe other possible causative factors, such as aspirin ingestion, oral contraceptives, cigarette smoking, and implanted metals, among others[]

  • Stomatitis

    Nineteen patients had oral lichen planus, 19 patients had oral lichenoid lesions and 11 patients had generalised stomatitis. 38.8% had contact allergy.[] Factors that may, for unknown reasons, be protective include oral contraceptives, pregnancy, and tobacco, including smokeless tobacco and nicotine -containing tablets.[] The clinical appearance is often reminiscent of oral lichen planus (OLP) leading to erroneous diagnoses.[]

  • Telogen Effluvium

    planus , Lichen nitidus ) Urticaria Dermatographic urticaria · Cold urticaria · Cholinergic urticaria Erythema Erythema multiforme / drug eruptions : Stevens-Johnson syndrome[] The source of stress resulting in hair loss can be events such as childbirth, pregnancy termination, starting or stopping the use of oral contraceptive drugs, premenapausal[] The shedding experienced after pregnancy or the cessation of oral contraceptive therapy is self limited and will resolve without treatment.[]

  • Cutaneous Candidiasis

    Vulvodynia (burning discomfort) should be distinguished from pruritus vulvae and can be a sign of non-albicans yeast or another disease such as erosive lichen planus.[] Oral contraceptives in the form of birth control pills can alter hormone levels in women and are therefore contributory to cutaneous candidiasis.[] […] topical steroids Diabetes mellitus, obesity, Cushing syndrome and other endocrine conditions Iron deficiency Malnutrition Underlying dermatological disease like psoriasis, lichen[]

  • Erythema Nodosum

    The following have been reported as being associated with the infection by hepatitis C virus: vasculitis due to cryoglobulinemia, 2 late cutaneous porphyria, 1,2 lichen planus[] Erythema nodosum and oral contraceptives. Br J Dermatol 1974; 90: 209-12. [ PUBMED ] 3. Merk H, Ruzika T. Oral contraceptives as a cause of erythema nodosum.[] planus , Lichen nitidus ) Urticaria Dermatographic urticaria · Cold urticaria · Cholinergic urticaria Erythema Erythema multiforme / drug eruptions : Stevens-Johnson syndrome[]

  • Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris

    planus L43.0 Hypertrophic lichen planus L43.1 Bullous lichen planus L43.2 Lichenoid drug reaction L43.3 Subacute (active) lichen planus L43.8 Other lichen planus L43.9 Lichen[] Examples include abstinence, oral contraceptives or other form of hormonal contraception, intrauterine devices, surgical sterilization, or barrier forms of contraception with[] Another closely related condition to PRP is lichen planus.[]

  • Vaginitis

    A principal cause of desquamative vaginitis is erosive lichen planus.[] Factors that contribute to this are frequent sexual intercourse with multiple partners, excessive douching, oral contraceptive use, and pregnancy amongst others.[] The differential diagnosis of noninfectious desquamative inflammatory vaginitis includes pemphigus vulgaris, erosive lichen planus and benign mucous membrane pemphigoid.[]

  • Sarcoidosis

    Some plaques may even appear scaly and can be confused with lesions of psoriasis or lichen planus. Dermoscopy may aid in the clinical diagnosis, as noted above.[] RUBER PLANUS CONNETTIVITI GRANDI DERMATOSI BULLOSE PORFIRIE DERMATOSI VASCULO-DIPENDENTI DELLE ESTREMITA’ ULCERA DA PRESSIONE E GANGRENA LINFEDEMA – ELEFANTIASI PRECANCEROSI[] contraceptives), or systemic inflammatory disorders (eg, sarcoidosis, inflammatory bowel disease).[]

  • Tacrolimus

    Oral lichen planus is a chronic inflammatory mucocutaneous disease.[] Prilosec); Oral contraceptives (birth control pills); Phenobarbital; Phenytoin (e.g. Dilantin); Rifabutin (e.g. Mycobutin); Rifampin (e.g.[] Tell your doctor if: you are using oral contraceptives you are receiving cyclosporin immunosuppressive therapy.[]

  • Vulvodynia

    Examination was possible only under anaesthesia and biopsy report confirmed Erosive lichen Planus. After dermatological consultation she responded well to steroids.[] Her initial treatment plan consisted of stopping the oral contraceptives and acne medication and dilators.[] Some conditions that may cause vulvar pain include yeast infections and other vaginal infections, atrophic vaginitis , lichen sclerosus , lichen planus , or an allergic reaction[]

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