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213 Possible Causes for Lichen Planus, Pernicious Anemia

  • Alopecia

    […] alopecia Cachectic alopecia Central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia Chronic diffuse alopecia Cicatricial alopecia due to ionizing radiation Cicatricial alopecia due to lichen[] Conditions that occur at a higher rate than normal in people with alopecia areata include atopic dermatitis, vitiligo, thyroid disease, pernicious anemia and Down’s syndrome[] anemia, or Addison’s disease have a higher risk of developing alopecia.[]

  • Stomatitis

    BACKGROUND: To examine if patients with oral lichen planus, oral lichenoid lesions and generalised stomatitis and concomitant contact allergy have more frequent and severe[] Khammissa and Johan Lemmer, Is chronic ulcerative stomatitis a variant of lichen planus, or a distinct disease?[] RESULTS: Nineteen patients had oral lichen planus, 19 patients had oral lichenoid lesions and 11 patients had generalised stomatitis. 38.8% had contact allergy.[]

  • Glossitis

    Causes of secondary Glossitis Iron Deficiency Anemia • Pernicious Anemia • Vitamin B Deficiency • Oral Lichen Planus • Syphilis • Aphthous Ulcers 4.[] It is most often due to vitamin deficiency anemia (pernicious anemia).[] Diagnosis confirmation The differential diagnosis includes candidiasis, lichen planus, contact stomatitis, reactive arthritis, erythema multiforme, oral hairy leukoplakia,[]

  • Aphthous Stomatitis

    planus--are reviewed.[] The diagnosis pernicious anemia was made, with RAS caused by vitamin B12 malabsorption.[] Chronic ulcerative stomatitis – Similar to erosive lichen planus. Herpes zoster – Unilateral distribution; cutaneous vesicles. Varicella – Cutaneous lesions predominate.[]

  • Benign Migratory Glossitis

    . – There also may be confusi on with lichen planus and lupus erythematosus. Management Reassure. In symptomatic patients, topical steroids or anaesthetics.[] […] may be caused by a vitamin B12 deficiency (commonly from pernicious anemia, surgical resection of the ileum or small intestinal diverticula) or by a folic acid deficiency[] Differential Diagnosis (Other conditions with similar appearance) Cancers of the oral mucosa Candidiasis, Mucosal Contact Stomatitis Fissured tongue Lichen planus Psoriasis[]

  • Lichen Sclerosus

    Vulval lichen planus-lichen sclerosus overlap is an emerging observation. Few clinical reports exist with no reviews of literature.[] Thyroid dysfunction (12–16%); inflammatory bowel diseases, pernicious anemia, alopecia areata, rheumatoid arthritis, morphea, and scleroderma have been associated with LS[] anemia. 4 In addition to an autoimmune factor, it appears that genetics has a pathogenetic role as well.[]

  • Atrophic Glossitis

    Lichen planus Pemphigus vulgaris Erythema multiforme Other Causes Syphilis Sjogren’s syndrome and other causes of a dry mouth Alcoholism[] , pernicious anemia, and pellagra, a disorder of skin and mucous membranes due to niacin deficiency.[] Leukoplakia, Candidiasis, lichen planus, syphilitic mucus patch. 500-C Methoxyflavone - 6 tablets daily with food.[]

  • Gingivitis

    This case is unique in that it involves oral lichen planus and chronic DG, which may be secondary to plaque or a manifestation of the oral lichen planus.[] Because part of GPCA-positive patients may develop pernicious anemia, autoimmune atrophic gastritis, and gastric carcinoma, and part of TGA/TMA-positive patients may have[] Moreover, of the 92 GPCA /DG /EOLP patients, 24 had macrocytosis, and only 13 (54.2%) of these 24 patients had pernicious anemia.[]

  • Good's Syndrome

    The patient also presented with hyperkeratotic lichen planus on both knees and the right elbow, suggesting that intractable opportunistic infection and lichen planus may be[] Both panhypoglobulinemia and pernicious anemia were disclosed.[] anemia, and diabetes.[]

  • Nail Abnormality

    Lichen planus Nails involved in approximately 10% of cases of disseminated lichen planus. However, may be only presentation of disease.[] NAIL ABNORMALITIES Brittle or Crumbly  Sign of aging  Long exposure to water of chemical  Fungal infection  Lichen planus  Underactive thyroid  Overactive thyroid [] Other conditions that can affect the appearance of the nails include systemic amyloidosis, malnutrition, vitamin deficiency, and lichen planus.[]

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