Possible Causes for Lip Numbness in USA

  • Tetany
    Numbness of the Feet Numbness of the Hand Lip Numbness

    Tetany is a disorder characterized by hyperreactivity of sensory and motor nerve fibres to stimuli.[1]

  • DDT Exposure
    Lip Numbness
  • Insulinoma
    Lip Numbness

    The main clinical manifestation of an insulinoma is fasting hypoglycemia. Symptoms are insidious and can mimick various central nervous system disorders, like epilepsy and psychiatric disorders. The presentation is characterized by the Whipple triad in many patients which includes: Presence of symptoms and signs of…[2]

  • Piperonyl Butoxide-Pyrethrin Shampoo
    Lip Numbness
  • Ciguatera Poisoning
    Lip Numbness

    Diagnosis is based on the patient's recent history. Ingestion of fish, in particular in warm coastal regions, is a key criterion to look out for. To date, barracuda, greater amberjack, black grouper, blackfin snapper, cubera snapper, dog snapper, horse-eye jack, hogfish, king mackerel, red grouper and yellowfin…[3]

  • Radix Aconiti
    Lip Numbness
  • Hyperabduction Syndrome
    Numbness of the Hand
  • Cerebral Thrombosis
    Numbness of the Hand

    A plethora of pathologies may lead to CT, either by inducing ICT or by increasing the overall likelihood to develop thrombi and to suffer the consequences of CTE. They may be classified as follows: Any inflammatory process affecting the brain - be it encephalitis, meningitis or an inflammation of adjacent tissues -…[4]

  • Raynaud Phenomenon
    Numbness of the Feet Numbness of the Hand

    Patients with Raynaud phenomenon usually have one or more body sites affected with intense vasospasm and related skin color change along with hyperemia. Three phases of skin color change are observed, which include, early white skin color (due to vasoconstriction), then blue skin (caused by cyanosis), which later…[5]

  • Cerebrovascular Accident
    Numbness of the Hand

    Cerebral infarction of the brain is associated with the tiny spheroidal necrosis of the nervous tissue in the ischemic area with the distribution of the arterial vessel. Ischemia precedes infarction and both are reversible. If infarction is permanent, then there will be irreversible damage to the nervous…[6]

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