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53 Possible Causes for Lip Numbness, Muscle Twitch, Pulmonary Disorder

  • Acute Hyperventilation

    Acute secondary hypocalcemia can result in carpopedal spasm, muscle twitching, a prolonged QT interval, and positive Chvostek and Trousseau signs.[] , twitching and cramps, tension and panicky feelings, depression and anxiety.[] Muscle twitching, spasms, and weakness may be noted.[]

  • Psychogenic Hyperventilation

    Acute secondary hypocalcemia can result in carpopedal spasm, muscle twitching, prolonged QT interval, and positive Chvostek and Trousseau signs.[] Approach to the pulmonary patient with respiratory signs and symptoms. 2nd ed, Vol. 1, Chapter 26. Pulmonary diseases and disorders; In: Alfred PF, Editor.[] The hypersensitive facial nerve makes the muscles of the face twitch. Chronic hyperventilation Chronic hyperventilation may be rather more difficult to diagnose.[]

  • Respiratory Alkalosis

    Other symptoms of respiratory alkalosis may encompass: agitation seizures dizziness light headedness tingling, numbness irregular heart beats muscle twitching , spasms , weakness[] This is the most common acid-base abnormality, associated with many cardiac and pulmonary disorders as one of their early or intermediate clinical findings.[] It is the most frequently occurring acid-base imbalance in hospitalized patients, with the elderly at increased risk because of high incidence of pulmonary disorders and alterations[]

  • Hyperventilation

    twitching or cramps If you experience any of these symptoms – or even if you don't – you might want to check your breathing rate.[] Many cardiac and pulmonary disorders can manifest with respiratory alkalosis as an early or intermediate finding.[] Some neurological effects include numbness and tingling in your fingers, toes, lips, and other extremities; muscle tetany that leaves you with an uncontrolled cramp known[]

  • Anxiety Disorder

    twitches.[] Patients were excluded if they smoked, had a substance abuse disorder, spinal/physical problems (overweight, seizure disorders, pulmonary disorders, hypertension and other[] The prevalence of past-year generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) for adults aged 50 and older with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is much higher compared to older[]

  • Hypocalcemia

    The following are the most common symptoms of hypocalcemia: irritability muscle twitches jitteriness tremors poor feeding lethargy seizures[] […] of mineral metabolism E83.81 Hungry bone syndrome E83.89 Other disorders of mineral metabolism E83.9 Disorder of mineral metabolism, unspecified E84 Cystic fibrosis E84.0[] The symptoms of severe hypocalcemia can be remembered with the mnemonic 'CATS go numb': Convulsions, Arrhythmias, Tetany and numbness of hands, feet and lips.[]

  • Panic Attacks

    muscles sweaty palms, flushed face terror fear of losing control fear of a stroke that will lead to disability fear of dying fear of going crazy A panic attack typically[] Abstract The prevalence of panic disorder in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is up to 10 times greater than the overall population prevalence of[] Numbness or tingling in the face, especially around the lips. May also occur in the extremities, chest, or even the entire body.[]

  • Chronic Hyperventilation

    People with HVS may have symptoms such as Shortness of breath, confusion, chest pain, tightness in the chest, irregular heart beats, tiredness, weakness, muscle twitching[] lips or extremities nausea or irritable bowel syndrome aching muscles or joints, or tremors tiredness, unsteadiness, or diffuse weakness restless sleep, insomnia, or nightmares[] But some of my biggest symptoms continue to be air hunger, palpitations, dizziness, lightheadedness, FATIGUE, muscle twitching and cramping, stiff and achy limbs … overall[]

  • Pulmonary Edema

    By 1.5 hours, pain had extended to both hands and feet and, by 2 hours, he developed excessive salivation, nasal discharge, twitching of facial muscles, especially lips, and[] However, the development of pulmonary disorders after EV71 infection remains largely unknown.[] […] region This pathological condition is called pulmonary edema.[]

  • Oxygen Poisoning

    twitching and dizziness; dives on which oxygen toxicity episodes were noted had a more rapid rate of core temperature cooling than dives without toxicity episodes; several[] […] or tingling, and muscular twitching, especially of the lips.[] Oxygen poisoning may also affect the central nervous system, causing muscle twitching and grand mal convulsions.[]

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