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251 Possible Causes for Lipoma, Osteoma

  • Gardner Syndrome

    Facts : Autosomal dominant condition Colonic polyps with prominent extraintestinal lesions History / PE : Desmoid tumors Sebaceous or epidermoid cysts Lipomas Osteomas (especially[] The authors report a case of Gardner syndrome that was operated on because of the mandibular osteoma.[] Skin findings include epidermoid cyst, fibroid, lipoma, leiomyoma ve desmoid tumors.[]

  • Lipoma of Buttock

    Abstract This paper presents a rare case of infantile infiltrating lipoma in the buttock.[] Gardner's syndrome is part of the spectrum of familial adenomatous polyposis and includes extracolonic manifestations such as desmoid fibromatosis, osteomas, cysts, and lipomas[] Key words Lipoma Infiltrating lipoma Intramuscular lipoma This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Preview Unable to display preview.[]

  • Lipoma

    Medically, there is no treatment for curing lipoma or to prevent a lipoma. Lipomas are benign mesenchymal tumors which may originate in any part of the body.[] "Subcutaneous forehead nodules: Attention to the button osteoma and frontalis-associated ipoma". Dermatol Surg. vol. 34. 2008. pp. 791-8.[] […] and trunk. [ 3 ] Gardner's syndrome Lipomatosis may also be associated with Gardner's syndrome, an autosomal dominant condition involving intestinal polyposis, cysts and osteomas[]

  • Dermoid Cyst

    […] expansive lesions in the pterygopalatine fossa, including schwannoma, angiofibroma, esthesioneuroblastoma, osteochondroma, cholesterol granuloma, hemangioma, lymphoma, and osteoma[] MRI Unlike intracranial lipomas that follow fat density on all sequences, intracranial dermoids have more variable signal characteristics 1-4 : T1 typically hyperintense ([] MRI of the thoracic spine showed an intramedullary hypointense lesion at T7-T8, associated with an intramedullary lipoma at a higher level.[]

  • Osteoma

    Shah treat forehead lipomas? Yes, he utilizes a similar approach for forehead lipomas.[] Choroidal osteomas and osteoma cutis, in contrast, are more common in females.[] […] of bone 5362 C400-C403,C408-C414,C418-C419 BONES & JOINTS 885 LIPOSARCOMA NEOPLASMS 8850/0 Lipoma Bones: Myogenic, lipogenic, neural and epithelial tumors: Osteofibrous dysplasia[]

  • Nasopalpebral Lipoma - Coloboma - Telecanthus Syndrome

    Lipoma (Courtesy of Cloyce L.[] “Subcutaneous forehead nodules: Attention to the button osteoma and frontalis-associated ipoma”. Dermatol Surg. vol. 34. 2008. pp. 791-8.[] Symptoms - Nasopalpebral lipoma coloboma syndrome Causes - Nasopalpebral lipoma coloboma syndrome Prevention - Nasopalpebral lipoma coloboma syndrome To date, no genetic defects[]

  • Adiposis Dolorosa

    I have forgotten how it feels to feel good, after 39 years of Dercum's and 2 years of osteoid osteoma.[] It is characterized by painful, irregular fatty swellings or lipomas and is frequently misdiagnosed.[] Ultrasound and MRI are useful diagnostic tools for identifying the masses as lipomas.[]

  • Proteus Syndrome

    A 7-year-old male is presented with a marked craniofacial deformation from a bony tumor containing an intraosseous lipoma.[] Other radiographic features include enlarged and dysplastic vertebral bodies, scoliosis , cranial exostosis, osteomas , osteochondromas , enchondromas and genu valgum may[] The histopathological diagnosis of this mass was lipoma.[]

  • Lipoblastoma

    […] durum a osteoma spongiosum, osteoidní osteom pravý benigní nádor produkující kost) Obrovskobunecný kostní nádor (benigní, lokálne agresivní nádor tvorený mononukleárními[] We present a case of lipoblastoma arising in an atypical site with histological features characteristic of lipoma.[] Treatment of Lipoma The treatment of lipoma surgery alone.[]

  • Multiple Hamartoma Syndrome

    Sclerodermoid Disorders -- Morphea and Lichen Sclerosus -- Other Rheumatologic Diseases -- Mucinoses -- Amyloidosis -- Deposition Disorders -- Porphyrias -- Calcinosis Cutis and Osteoma[] Further workup revealed additional smaller meningiomas, a parotid arteriovenous malformation, a lung cyst and pancreatic lipomas.[] […] been found to be associated with fibrocystic breast disease, carcinoma of the breast, thyroid tumors, ovarian cysts, gastrointestinal polyposis, fibromas, angiomas, and lipomas[]

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