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610 Possible Causes for Lipoma, Vitamin A Deficiency

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  • Measles

    The risk factors for severe measles include no or incomplete vaccination and vitamin A deficiency.[] Vitamin A deficiency is a recognized risk factor for severe measles infections.[] There is a close synergism between measles and vitamin A deficiency that can result in xerophthalmia, with corneal ulceration, keratomalacia, and subsequent corneal scarring[]

  • Celiac Disease

    In addition, severe vitamin deficiencies and coagulopathy were present.[] CASE PRESENTATION: A 35-year-old Caucasian man with gluten enteropathy, familial multiple lipomas and seborrheic keratosis was seen in our clinic.[] A: Dark tumor (arrows) confirming metastases from melanoma after surgery; B: Subepithelial white lesion compatible with lipoma.[]

  • Adiposis Dolorosa

    It is characterized by painful, irregular fatty swellings or lipomas and is frequently misdiagnosed.[] Some of them include, but are not limited to: Edema, Lymphedema, Lipedema, Lipoedema, Sleep Disorders, Fatigue, Vitamin Deficiencies, Tachycardia, Shortness Of Breath, Diabetes[] Ultrasound and MRI are useful diagnostic tools for identifying the masses as lipomas.[]

  • Proteus Syndrome

    A 7-year-old male is presented with a marked craniofacial deformation from a bony tumor containing an intraosseous lipoma.[] Vitamin D deficiency associated with number of neurofibromas in neurofibromatosis 1.[] The histopathological diagnosis of this mass was lipoma.[]

  • Hereditary Hypercarotenemia and Vitamin A Deficiency

    […] connective tissue, uncertain behavior Hemangioendothelioma- -see also Neoplasm, uncertain behavior, by site Hemangiofibroma -see Neoplasm, benign, by site Hemangiolipoma -see Lipoma[] Children with a severe vitamin A deficiency suffer a significantly increased risk of death, blindness and infections.[] 609708 Lipoprotein lipase deficiency, 238600 (3) LPL 609708 [High density lipoprotein cholesterol level QTL 11] (3) LPP 600700 Leukemia, acute myeloid, 601626 (3) LPP 600700 Lipoma[]

  • Hyperparathyroidism

    Vitamin D deficiency or chronic kidney disease are the contributing factors behind secondary hyperparathyroidism.[] […] endocrine neoplasia type 1 (MEN1) up to 100% (PMID: 19904212) parathyroid adenomas pituitary adenomas, pancreatic NETs tumors, carcinoids, benign thyroid lesions, meningioma, lipoma[] Vitamin D deficiency is a common cause of secondary hyperparathyroidism, particularly in elderly people.[]

  • Epidermal Nevus Syndrome

    lipoma was located at the right cerebellopontine angle.[] Hypophosphatemic rickets can occur due to vitamin D deficiency and low phosphate.[] Melanomas Neoplasms by Histologic Type Neoplasms Rickets Bone Diseases, Metabolic Bone Diseases Musculoskeletal Diseases Metabolic Diseases Calcium Metabolism Disorders Vitamin[]

  • Folic Acid

    We excluded subjects with occult spinal dysraphism, including spina bifida occulta, thickened filum terminale, diastematomyelia, caudal regression syndrome, intradural lipoma[] No specific causes were found for vitamin B12 or folic acid deficiency.[] […] occur because these people are still deficient in vitamin B12 15 .[]

  • Spina Bifida Occulta

    After excision of the extramedullary portion of the lipoma, there was a marked improvement of the gait and a reduction of the spasticity.[] Folate (vitamin B-9) is important to the healthy development of a baby. Folate is the natural form of vitamin B-9.[] Magnetic resonance imaging is essential in this situation to evaluate the spinal cord and to look for an intraspinal lipoma.[]

  • Primary Hyperparathyroidism

    Patients' electronic hospital records were evaluated for a positive history of thyroid diseases, diabetes mellitus, primary hyperparathyroidism, vitamin B12 deficiency, and[] […] nonfunctioning (5%); associated tumors: adrenal cortical tumor (40%), pheochromocytoma (1%), bronchopulmonary NET (neuroendocrine tumor) (2%), thymic NET (2%), gastric NET (10%), lipomas[] She presented with a mixed picture of primary hyperparathyroidism and severe vitamin D deficiency.[]

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