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    21 Possible Causes for Lithopedion in USA

    • Lithopedion

      (MadSci Network) Ernst Bjerke: A pregnancy of 10-years duration Nigerianschoolsonline-Lithopedion[] The earliest lithopedion is one found in an archaeological excavation at Bering Sinkhole, on the Edwards Plateau in Kerr County, Texas dated to 1100 BC.[] A lithopedion – also spelled lithopaedion or lithopædion – (Ancient Greek: λίθος stone; Ancient Greek: παιδίον small child, infant), or stone baby, is a rare phenomenon which[]

    • Abdominal Pregnancy

      Lithopedion.[] Therapeutic aspects in the management of a lithopedion.[] INTRODUCTION Lithopedion ( litho stone; pedion child) is the name given to an extra-uterine pregnancy that evolves to fetal death and calcification.[]

    • Syphilis

      According to Bruce Rothschild the lesions in the Costebelle case indicate lithopedion.[] But Bruce Rothschild, who has examined the Costebelle skeleton, contends that it is not a case of congenital syphilis but of lithopedion.[] 50 Number 1, January/February 1997 by Mark Rose Fetal skeleton from Costebelle, France, has been claimed to show effects of congenital syphilis but may be an example of lithopedion[]

    • Fetus Papyraceous

      It is important to remember that a lithopedion does not need to be a twin.[] The appearance of a calcified fetus or lithopedion may be evident if maturation is advanced.[] In one reported case, a 94-year-old woman was found to have a lithopedion, probably present for approximately 61 years.[]

    • Foreign Body

      In the extremely rare case of retained ectopic pregnancy, this forms a lithopedion Foreign bodies can also become lodged in other locations: anus or rectum blood vessels or[]

    • Harlequin Type Ichthyosis

      ., adj fe tal. calcified fetus a dead fetus that has become calcified in utero; called also lithopedion . fetus in fe tu a small, imperfect fetus, incapable of independent[]

    • Ectopic Pregnancy with Intrauterine Pregnancy

      It was taken as abdominal lithopedion.[] However, in about 10 percent of cases horn pregnancy will go to term or form a lithopedion.[] But, in about 10 percent of cases horn pregnancy will go to term or form a lithopedion [ 4 ].[]

    • Ectopic Pregnancy

      […] surgical removal of the fetus is necessary, because an unrecognized and untreated abdominal pregnancy can result in infection or calcification leading to the formation of a lithopedion[]

    • Calcification of the Gallbladder

      A very unusual entity to consider is lithopedion, which is a rare phenomenon occurring most commonly when a fetus dies during an abdominal pregnancy and is too large to be[]

    • Foreign Body in the Eye

      In the extremely rare case of retained ectopic pregnancy , this forms a lithopedion Other [ edit ] Foreign material in a blood vessel due to an embolization procedure.[]

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