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2,590 Possible Causes for Liver Biopsy

  • Hemochromatosis

    […] severe iron overload in parenchymal cells, Kupffer cells, and periportal fibrosis on liver biopsy.[] We recommended liver biopsy for subjects with serum ferritin levels of 300 ng per milliliter or higher. The subjects were followed for up to four years.[] Genetic testing showed that the patient was homozygous for C282Y consistent with hereditary hemochromatosis, and liver biopsy was consistent with malignant epithelioid hemangioendothelioma[]

  • Alcoholic Liver Disease

    Abstract Liver biopsy due to the limitations is not recommended for all patients with suspected Alcoholic Liver Disease (ALD) but useful for establishing the stage and severity[] biopsy.[] Liver biopsy 3 months after liver transplantation showed acute rejection and mild steatohepatitis.[]

  • Portal Cirrhosis

    A high index of suspicion and a liver biopsy are needed to make the diagnosis in these patients. 4.[] A physician will diagnose esophageal varices due to liver cirrhosis via a laboratory blood draw and a liver biopsy.[] Assessment of Fibrosis and Cirrhosis in Liver Biopsies An Update. Medscape Today News from Semin Liver Dis. 2011;31(1):82-90. [On-line information].[]

  • Macronodular Cirrhosis

    METHODS: Forty-two patients with at least one liver biopsy strongly suggestive of ISC were selected for the study covering a period between 1968 and 1987.[] biopsy Cholestasis Primary biliary cirrhosis AMA, IgM, liver biopsy Secondary biliary cirrhosis MRCP, ERCP, liver biopsy Primary sclerosing cholangitis MRCP, ERCP, liver[] Histology: Liver biopsy (punction): no cirrhosis, increased amount of hemosiderin on the periphery of liver lobules.[]

  • Viral Hepatitis

    Methods: A total of 302 patients with chronic hepatitis B or C, who had undergone liver biopsy, were retrospectively enrolled.[] Before RTE, all patients underwent a US-guided percutaneous liver biopsy (right lobe).[] In two of the four patients a liver biopsy revealed patchy necrosis with inflammatory mononuclear cell infiltrate.[]

  • Hepatocellular Carcinoma

    Liver biopsy revealed a well differentiated hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).[] Liver biopsy showed a poorly differentiated neoplasm with cells showing nuclear pleomorphism, high nuclear/cytoplasmic ratio, and numerous mitoses.[] Diagnosis is based on alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) levels, imaging tests, and sometimes liver biopsy.[]

  • Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy

    , iron studies, HFE genotype, and liver biopsy.[] Liver biopsy interpretation continues to play an integral role in diagnosis and management of most forms of liver disease.[] All selected cases were reassessed using the Swansea criteria with special focus on the noninvasive criteria, since performing a liver biopsy for this indication is rare in[]

  • Acute Liver Failure

    Liver biopsy revealed massive infiltration of neutrophils, but the cause of the acute hepatitis was not identified.[] Liver biopsy was obtained and consistent with acute myelogenous leukaemia. The patient had rapid demise due to acute liver failure and was unable to undergo treatment.[] Diagnosis is based on findings of a paucity of bile ducts on liver biopsy combined with 3 of 5 major clinical criteria.[]

  • Chronic Hepatitis C

    MATERIALS AND METHODS: Patients were prospectively enrolled for paired liver biopsy and transient elastography.[] Are There Alternatives to Liver Biopsy?[] […] fibrosis in HCV-related chronic liver disease patients with good diagnostic performance comparable to that of liver biopsy and TE.[]

  • Autoimmune Hepatitis

    A 61-year-old male was referred to our hospital because of abnormal liver enzyme levels after initial diagnosis of CAEBV had been made by laboratory tests and liver biopsy[] Liver biopsy showed prominent interface hepatitis with MS. A drug-lymphocyte stimulation test (DLST) using EE2 was positive.[] After a clinical improvement with supportive care and acetylcysteine, a liver biopsy was executed.[]

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