8,875 Possible Causes for Liver Biopsy showing Abnormal Bile Duct Proliferation

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    Conversely, lack of motion of these tissues and muscles would impede or make it extremely difficult for lymph to flow along the lymph ducts.[dynamicchiropractic.com] Patients with congestive heart failure or renal or liver disease may need to moderate their fluid intake to avoid volume excess.[emedicine.medscape.com] The body requires an efficient lymphatic drainage system to rapidly clear foreign antigenic material from the respiratory system, and to dispose of proliferating bacterial[dynamicchiropractic.com]

  • Acute Gastroenteritis

    Factors that increase your risk of acute gastritis include: taking NSAIDs taking corticosteroids drinking a lot of alcohol having major surgery kidney failure liver failure[healthline.com] Alam et al. (2009) defined heart failure as tachycardia, tachypnoea, enlarged liver, and prominent neck veins 11 .[wellcomeopenresearch.org] CDC research shows outbreaks linked to imported foods increasing.[emedicine.medscape.com]

  • Primary Biliary Cirrhosis

    Liver biopsy: If tests show you have PBC you may need a liver biopsy to see how serious the condition is.[britishlivertrust.org.uk] Liver biopsy is not diagnostic for PSC, but findings often include commonly the absence of intralobular bile ducts (ductopenia), bile duct proliferation, and periductal fibrosis[clevelandclinicmeded.com] Primary biliary cirrhosis affects only the small bile ducts inside the liver and the liver cells near these bile ducts.[merckmanuals.com]

  • Portal Cirrhosis

    Sometimes a liver biopsy is required to confirm the diagnosis of early cirrhosis.[singhealth.com.sg] Some studies showed abnormalities of platelet aggregation in patients with cirrhosis [ 23 , 24 ], which was attributed to decreased serum levels of clotting factors [ 23 ][intechopen.com] A liver biopsy was performed in 87 percent of the procedures.[bariatrictimes.com]

  • Alcoholic Hepatitis

    If these tests do not show definite results, a liver biopsy must be performed.[alcoholawareness.org] The precise incidence of AH is unknown, although a prevalence of approximately 20% was noted in a cohort of 1604 patients with alcoholism who underwent liver biopsy [ 11 ][omicsonline.org] When tested, liver enzymes are elevated and liver function will show to be abnormal.[northpointrecovery.com]

  • Viral Lower Respiratory Infection

    Chest x-ray is usually abnormal (75%) of cases, most commonly showing consolidation of one lower lobe.[microbiologybook.org] An assessment of breathing effort, color, activity, abnormal breath sounds (eg, wheeze, stridor), and hydration status should also be done.[dovepress.com] There is frequently evidence of liver and renal dysfunction.[microbiologybook.org]

  • Influenza

    Necrotic foci are present in the lungs, liver and kidneys.[fao.org] Other birds show weakness and a staggering gait.[fao.org] Gliosis, vascular proliferation and neuronal degeneration may be present in the brain.[fao.org]

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    She wondered whether taking it daily could cause damage in the long run, especially to her liver.[healthtalk.org] If quinolone resistance is a concern, TMP-SMX (160/800 mg twice daily for 14 days) can be used once the antibiogram shows susceptibility to this medication.[clevelandclinicmeded.com] Signs and symptoms of a urinary tract infection include: Abnormal urine colour (cloudy urine) Blood in the urine (haematuria) Foul or strong urine odour Frequent and strong[healthtalk.org]

  • Bile Duct Carcinoma

    Many of the known risk factors for bile duct cancers, such as age, ethnicity, and bile duct abnormalities, are beyond our control.[cancertutor.com] The purpose of this camera is to image the bile duct, perform brush biopsies of the bile and pancreas duct, and place a stent into the bile duct if needed.[utmedicalcenter.org] A dye is injected into the tube, which can show a narrowing or blockage of the bile duct.[bccancer.bc.ca]

  • Sinusitis

    Acetaminophen can cause liver damage if not taken correctly.[drugs.com] Patients with acute sinusitis, when treated with appropriate antibiotics, usually show prompt improvement.[emedicine.medscape.com] Organisms isolated from patients with chronic sinusitis increasingly are showing antibiotic resistance.[clevelandclinicmeded.com]

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