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    1,747 Possible Causes for Liver Dysfunction in USA

    • Liver Dysfunction

      Causes of Types of Liver dysfunction: Review causes of types of Liver dysfunction in more specific categories: Liver dysfunction in pregnancy (10 causes) Liver dysfunction[] […] causes) Liver dysfunction and Liver problems (47 causes) Liver dysfunction and Liver symptoms (47 causes) Liver dysfunction and Nerve symptoms (44 causes) Liver dysfunction[] liver dysfunction Amyloidosis AL - liver dysfunction more causes...»[]

    • T-Cell Lymphoma
      Liver Dysfunction
    • Sterol 27-Hydroxylase Deficiency
      Liver Dysfunction

      Infants may present with cholestasis and liver dysfunction.[] Neonatal cholestasis , persistent diarrhea ,and liver dysfunction may also occur in childhood.[] [] Neonatal cholestasis, persistent diarrhea ,and liver dysfunction may also occur in childhood.[]

    • Hyperornithinemia-Hyperammonemia-Homocitrullinuria Syndrome
      Liver Dysfunction

      Common presenting signs include the following: Developmental delays School difficulties Recurrent liver dysfunction Increased levels of transaminases with mild coagulopathy[] dysfunction (rarely failure) and coagulopathy with factor VII-, IX- and X-deficiencies.[] […] confusion, forgetfulness, hyperammonemic coma, intellectual disability, developmental delay, spastic paraplegia, cerebellar ataxia, learning difficulties, unexplained seizures, liver[]

    • Drug-induced Fever

      The authors suggest that drug-induced liver injury cases be investigated for HHV-6 reactivation when liver dysfunction begins several weeks after the initiation of a new drug[] The previous case report from the Fukushima Medical University School of Medicine described a 16-year old boy hospitalized with liver dysfunction, high fever, and abdominal[] Anti-tuberculosis drug-related liver dysfunction in chronic hepatitis B infection.[]

    • Endocrine Dysfunction

      Liver is also a site of internal detoxification processes and chronic liver dysfunction leads to accumulation of the systemic toxins. [3] The liver is the site of synthesis[] Occult endocrine dysfunction is commonly seen in chronic liver disorders, and they have a direct correlation with the severity of liver dysfunction. [12] Previous reports[] dysfunction leads to endocrine disturbance due to the alteration in protein metabolism or synthesis.[]

    • Alacrimia - Choreoathetosis - Liver Dysfunction Syndrome

      FADD-Related Immunodeficiency Mild Liver Dysfunction Liver Dysfunction Mild liver dysfunction sometimes occurs after major surgery even in the absence of preexisting liver[] […] disorders. … liver dysfunction . … liver dysfunction . [1] [2] Autoimmune Hepatitis Some patients will present with mild liver dysfunction and have only laboratory abnormalities[] dysfunction (AST: 86 IU/L, ALT: 76 IU/l), slight hypercholesterolemia (total cholesterol [6] Sulfasalazine They showed skin rash, fever, and mild liver dysfunction , but[]

    • Thyroid Crisis

      […] the liver dysfunction in this case.[] Keywords: Graves’ disease; Liver dysfunction; Acute hepatic failure; Thyroid storm; Hyperthyroidism; Hyperbilirubinemia Introduction Complications of liver dysfunction associated[] Although medications were started, the liver dysfunction did not resolve soon.[]

    • Renal Cysts and Diabetes Syndrome

      Moderate liver dysfunction may be a so far overlooked component of the syndrome.[] dysfunction.[] Three patients had nonprogressive liver dysfunction, with long-lasting enzyme alterations but no liver insufficiency or jaundice.[]

    • Argininosuccinic Aciduria

      These results reveal that high dose arginine may lead to higher liver inflammation in patients with ASA, especially in patients with existing liver dysfunction.[] The cause for increased incidence for liver dysfunction is not known but has been hypothesized to be due to increased argininosuccinate upstream of the enzymatic block or[] The investigators hypothesized that if increased levels of argininosuccinic acid were the predominant cause for liver dysfunction, a high dose of therapeutic arginine (500mg[]

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