254 Possible Causes for Liver Failure in USA

  • Liver Failure

    There are two types of liver failure, acute and chronic liver failure. … Liver failure is loss of the functions of the liver. … "Acute on chronic liver failure" is said to exist when someone with chronic liver disease develops features of liver failure.[1] [2]

  • Erythropoietic Protoporphyria
    Liver Failure

    A lack of diagnostic markers for liver failure makes it difficult to predict which patients may experience liver failure, and the mechanism of liver failure is poorly understood … develop severe and life-threatening liver failure. … Unless there is liver failure, it is not a life-threatening disease.[3] [4]

  • Acute Liver Failure
    Liver Failure

    Acute liver failure comprises of two types: fulminant liver failure and subfulminant liver failure. … Transplantation The ultimate treatment of liver failure is liver transplantation. … When the liver becomes largely damaged, failure occurs.[5] [6]

  • Troglitazone

    He estimated that the drug could be linked to over 430 liver failures and that patients incurred 1,200 times greater risk of liver failure when taking Rezulin. … failure. … On May 17, 1998, a 55-year-old patient named Audrey LaRue Jones died of acute liver failure after taking troglitazone.[7]

  • Hyperammonemia

    the liver with chronic liver failure. … Examples of the former are propionic acidemia and methylmalonic acidemia, and examples of the latter are acute liver failure and hepatic cirrhosis with liver failure. … Acquired hyperammonemia is usually caused by diseases that result in either acute liver failure, such as overwhelming hepatitis B or exposure to hepatoxins, or cirrhosis of … [8] [9]

  • Hepatic Encephalopathy

    the liver failure in determining the prognosis. … In a small proportion of cases, the encephalopathy is caused directly by liver failure; this is more likely in acute liver failure. … In acute liver failure, it is unclear whether lactulose is beneficial.[10] [11]

  • Portal Hypertension

    The most common causes is cirrhosis (chronic liver failure). … In clinical practice the pressure is not measured directly until the decision to take a liver biopsy for suspected cirrhosis (chronic liver failure), or to place a transjugular … Cirrhosis (a form of chronic liver failure) is the most common cause of portal hypertension; other, less frequent causes are therefore grouped as non-cirrhotic portal hypertension … [12] [13]

  • Alpers Syndrome
    Chronic Liver Disease

    Liver disease typically progresses to liver failure in affected children with MPV17-related MDS and liver transplantation remains the only treatment option for liver failure … This results in neurodegeneration, encephalopathy and liver failure. … Acute liver failure can be precipitated in these patients with the use of valproate.[14] [15]

  • Mitochondrial DNA Depletion Syndrome

    Liver disease typically progresses to liver failure in affected children with MPV17-related MDS and liver transplantation remains the only treatment option for liver failure … Additionally, although physical signs of chronic liver dysfunction may not be present, many people suffer liver impairment leading to liver failure. … Approximately half of affected children reported did not undergo liver transplantation and died because of progressive liver failure – the majority during infancy or early … [16]

  • Hepatitis E

    Rarely does this infection cause acute liver failure. … However, in the obstetric population, the mortality rate is 20% with a high risk for liver failure. … Ominous signs suggestive of liver failure are prolonged prothrombin time (PT), hyperbilirubinemia, and hypoalbuminemia.[17] [18]

Liver Failure

Liver failure is a condition in which the liver fails to perform its normal function. It may be acute or chronic.

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