Possible Causes for Liver Fibrosis in USA

  • Systemic Scleroderma
    Liver Fibrosis Pulmonary Fibrosis Myocardial Fibrosis

    Rarer complications include pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis, or gas pockets in the bowel wall, wide mouthed diverticula in the colon and esophagus, and liver fibrosis.[1]

  • Niemann-Pick Disease Type B
    Liver Fibrosis
  • Acute Bronchitis
    Cystic Fibrosis

    Acute bronchitis is a common, acute inflammation of the bronchi, with fever and a productive cough. Cardiovascular There may be chest tightness involved depending on the severity. Although acute bronchitis is usually self-limiting with frequent bouts can lead to chronic bronchitis and possibly COPD and heart failure.…[2]

  • Endomyocardial Fibrosis
    Myocardial Fibrosis
  • Drug-induced Pulmonary Fibrosis
    Pulmonary Fibrosis
  • Rheumatoid Lung Disease
    Pulmonary Fibrosis
  • Nitrofurantoin
    Pulmonary Fibrosis
  • Myocarditis due to Radiation
    Myocardial Fibrosis
  • Hypereosinophilic Syndrome
    Pulmonary Fibrosis

    Hypereosinophilic syndromes (HES) are a collection of disorders defined by persistent and significantly elevated levels of eosinophils in the blood, in addition to evidence of direct damage to at least one organ. The increase in the eosinophilic count should not be a result of other definitive causes…[3]

  • Crack Lung
    Pulmonary Fibrosis

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