72 Possible Causes for Liver Firm in USA

  • Primary Biliary Cirrhosis
    Chronic Liver Disease Liver Biopsy Liver Firm

    the Liver. … In many cases, patients die of liver cirrhosis as liver transplant was not done on time. … PBC can eventually progress to cirrhosis of the liver.[1] [2]

  • Metastatic Liver Carcinoma
    Liver Firm
  • Cryptogenic Cirrhosis
    Liver Firm

    Generally, cirrhosis is a late-stage, untreatable liver disease, with typical structural alterations that involve scarring of the liver, fibrosis and nodules. … The treatment of cryptogenic cirrhosis is solely a liver transplant. … cirrhosis due to NASH will possibly exhibit fatty deposits in the transplanted liver as well.[3]

  • Cardiac Cirrhosis
    Liver Biopsy Liver Firm
  • Wilson Disease
    Chronic Liver Disease Liver Biopsy Liver Firm Liver Disease

    When it comes to liver disease, the severity may range from asymptomatic elevations of liver transaminases to severe fulminant liver failure. … Complications of Wilson's disease can include liver failure, liver cancer, and kidney problems. … In acute liver failure, degeneration of the liver cells and collapse of the liver tissue architecture is seen, typically on a background of cirrhotic changes.[4] [5]

  • Hepatosplenic Amyloidosis
    Liver Firm
  • Macronodular Cirrhosis
    Liver Biopsy Liver Firm
  • Indian Childhood Cirrhosis
    Liver Firm

    Indian childhood cirrhosis is a chronic liver disease of childhood characterised by cirrhosis of liver due to deposition of copper in the liver. … Liver biopsy shows extensive hepatocyte damage, with liver cells appearing vacuolated, necrotic or ballooned. … Splenomegaly appears after the liver has become enlarged.[6] [7]

  • Secondary Biliary Cirrhosis
    Liver Firm
  • Syphilitic Cirrhosis
    Chronic Liver Disease Liver Biopsy Liver Firm

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