122 Possible Causes for Liver Tenderness in USA

  • Radiation Pneumonitis

    Furthermore, a detailed physical examination, with an emphasis on lung auscultation and palpation of the abdomen (as liver tenderness is observed in severe cases), may provide … [1]

  • Chronic Hepatitis C
    Liver Tenderness Chronic Liver Disease

    Those who develop cirrhosis or liver cancer may require a liver transplant. … However, chronic hepatitis C is associated with progressive liver damage and significant shares of patients develop liver cirrhosis or liver cancer many years later. … The liver enzymes are normal in 7–53%.[2] [3]

  • Non-viral Hepatic Infection
    Liver Tenderness
  • Hepatic Histoplasmosis
    Liver Tenderness
  • Liver Disease
    Liver Tenderness

    Alcoholic liver diseases are common, which can cause liver cirrhosis and liver failure. …  the liver. … Liver cirrhosis occurs due to scar tissue replacing normal liver cells because of chronic liver pathology.[4] [5]

  • Hepatitis B
    Liver Tenderness Chronic Liver Disease

    Co-infection with hepatitis D increases the risk of liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. … About 300,000 of these are due to liver cancer. … Liver transplantation is sometimes used for cirrhosis.[6] [7]

  • Pericholecystic Abscess
    Liver Tenderness
  • Liver Abscess
    Liver Tenderness

    of the diaphragm, right upper quadrant tenderness and pain with possible extension in the left upper quadrant or the right shoulder and an enlarged, palpable liver. … Patients can present with a range of symptoms that include right upper quadrant pain and tenderness, nausea, fatigue, fever and jaundice. … Liver Abscess CT Images CTCases Liver Abscess CT Scan.[8] [9]

  • Pulmonary Edema
    Liver Tenderness

    is enlarged and may be tender or even pulsatile. … Liver enzymes, inflammatory markers (usually C-reactive protein) and a complete blood count as well as coagulation studies (PT, aPTT) are also typically requested. … the legs, in general, of the "pitting" variety, wherein the skin is slow to return to normal when pressed upon), raised jugular venous pressure and hepatomegaly, where the liver[10]

  • Gallbladder Empyema
    Liver Tenderness

    initial diagnosis of acute cholecystitis should be made based on clinical criteria, and in the setting of very high fever, abdominal pain that is accompanied by rebound tenderness[11]

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