276 Possible Causes for Liver Transplant Rejection

  • Liver Hemangioma

    On a rare occasion when a liver transplant becomes a medical necessity, the patient needs to be on medication for life to prevent liver transplant rejection under close monitoring[symptoma.com] The precise etiology of liver hemangioma is not known but it is presumed to be congenital in origin.[symptoma.com]

  • Liver Transplant Rejection

    Liver transplant rejection, also called organ rejection, is a very serious concern that comes along with liver transplants or other similar procedures.[zipheal.com] What is liver transplant rejection? Liver transplant rejection is when a transplant recipient's immune system attacks the transplanted organ or tissue.[patientslikeme.com] In a Twist, Having Hepatitis C May Prevent Liver Transplant Rejection Written by Kristen Fischer June 25, 2014 By suppressing the immune system, hepatitis C may be able to[hepatitiscentral.com]

  • Viral Exanthem

    transplant rejection.[therapeutique-dermatologique.org] […] aplastic crisis in patients with chronic haemolytic anaemia, rash, hydrothorax/ascites, arthralgia/arthritis, pregnancy complications, fever, fetal hydrops or fetal death and liver[therapeutique-dermatologique.org]

  • Mechanical Complication of Prosthetic Joint

    Complications of liver transplant T86.40 Unspecified complication of liver transplant T86.41 Liver transplant rejection T86.42 Liver transplant failure T86.43 Liver transplant[icd10data.com] […] infection T86.49 Other complications of liver transplant T86.5 Complications of stem cell transplant T86.8 Complications of other transplanted organs an...[icd10data.com] T86.31 Heart-lung transplant rejection T86.32 Heart-lung transplant failure T86.33 Heart-lung transplant infection T86.39 Other complications of heart-lung transplant T86.4[icd10data.com]

  • Lymphoproliferative Disorder

    Complications of liver transplant T86.40 Unspecified complication of liver transplant T86.41 Liver transplant rejection T86.42 Liver transplant failure T86.43 Liver transplant[icd10data.com] […] involvement in solid organ recipients may cause confusion with rejection or infection; very rare in the transplanted heart Early lesions often present in tonsils or adenoids[pathologyoutlines.com] Individuals who receive organ transplants are frequently treated with immunomodulatory drugs in order to avoid transplant rejection.[symptoma.com]

  • Mesenteric-Portal Fistula

    Liver transplant rejection: value of the resistive index in Doppler US of hepatic arteries. Radiology 1989;173:127–129. 37.[e-ultrasonography.org] RI evaluation in the case of liver transplant rejection was also found to have a poor predictive value of worsening rejection versus improvement [ 36 ].[e-ultrasonography.org]

  • Hypercholesterolemia

    transplant, however only in the setting of rejection. 15 We present a case of a patient with progressive severe valvar and supravalvar aortic stenosis despite liver transplant[pediatrics.aappublications.org] After your transplant, you'll need to take drugs that prevent your body from rejecting the new liver.[webmd.com] transplant, however this was in the setting of graft rejection. 15 This is the first report of progressive aortic valve stenosis despite liver transplant in a patient with[pediatrics.aappublications.org]

  • Acute Liver Failure

    […] analogous to liver transplant rejection, only without the transplant.[surgery.ucsf.edu] Abraham SC, Furth EE (1995) Receiver operating characteristic analysis of serum chemical parameters as tests of liver transplant rejection and correlation with histology.[link.springer.com] The presence of infection among fulminant liver failure patients accounts for a significant percentage of the rejection cases for liver transplantation and deaths after transplantation[lecturio.com]

  • Caroli Disease

    Liver transplantation : Some patients who experience liver failure may undergo liver transplantation.[wellness.com] However, transplantation is associated with complications, including infection and the possibility of rejection of the new organ.[wellness.com] Livers that are transplanted into patients with Caroli syndrome do not tend to become fibrotic, or hardened.[wellness.com]

  • Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic Nonketotic Coma

    A biopsy of the liver showed the possibility of acute rejection ( Figure 1 ). Figure 1 Histologic findings of acute rejection after liver transplantation.[dovepress.com] […] after orthotopic liver transplantation (OLT).[dovepress.com] Herein, we report an unusual case of a 58-year-old woman who experienced acute rejection at 30 months after OLT, only one case in which HNKHC resulted in MP pulse therapy[dovepress.com]

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