10,602 Possible Causes for Localized Chest Pain

  • Herpes Zoster Infection of the Chest Wall

    Taking a deep breath may make the pain worse, and it may only affect a specific, localized area of the chest.[uptodate.com] The localization of the pain may help determine its origin.[docsopinion.com] This pain is often localized to the epigastrium, lower right rib cage, back, or right shoulder. 10 Hepatitis is often associated with pain in the right upper quadrant of the[rheumatologynetwork.com] CHEST PAIN DIAGNOSIS Many things can cause pain in the chest.[uptodate.com]

  • Rib Fracture

    […] wall pain.[trauma.org] Chest Radiology Pathology Trauma Trauma - Rib fracture Rib fractures have the appearance of an abrupt discontinuity in the smooth outline of the rib.[med-ed.virginia.edu] For severe pain, another option is a nerve block with local anaesthetic near to the injury.[patient.info] Awake patients will complain of pain on palpation of the chest wall or on inspiration.[trauma.org]

  • Costochondritis

    Any activity that makes the pain in your chest area worse should be avoided until the inflammation in your ribs and cartilage has gone down.[mcphersonpharmacy.co.uk] Ice packs applied to local swelling can sometimes help to reduce chest pain and inflammation.[medicinenet.com] Steven Waldman, a noted authority in the multidisciplinary field of pain management, has assembled an excellent study guide for certifying or recertifying in pain management[books.google.com] Before having a corticosteroid injection, you will be given a local anaesthetic to numb the area around the injection.[mcphersonpharmacy.co.uk]

  • Sternal Fracture

    Local tenderness and swelling.[modernmedicine.com] The evaluation and initial management of chest wall injuries in adults will be reviewed here.[uptodate.com] Almost all patients complain of localized sternal pain.[emedicine.medscape.com] Possibly, inspiratory pain, dyspnea, a palpable defect, fracture-related crepitus Chest X-ray Flail chest (flail segment) Direct impact Pain and tenderness at the fracture[modernmedicine.com]

  • Q Fever

    , joint pain , loss of appetite , upper respiratory problems, dry cough, pleuritic pain , chills, confusion , and gastrointestinal symptoms , such as nausea , vomiting, and[en.wikipedia.org] Additional nonspecific symptoms can potentially occur including a cough, chest pain, sore throat, a skin rash or gastrointestinal symptoms.[rarediseases.org] Chest pain and non-productive cough are also common.[columbia-lyme.org] Skin and blood tests should be done before vaccination to identify pre-existing immunity, because vaccinating people who already have an immunity can result in a severe local[en.wikipedia.org]

  • Hodgkin's Disease

    This lump usually isn’t painful.[healthline.com] Neuralgic pain follows nerve root compression.[merckmanuals.com] This may need a local anesthetic, a sedative, or a general anesthetic.[medicalnewstoday.com] pain pain in the lymph nodes after consuming alcohol enlarged spleen Call your doctor right away if you have any of these symptoms.[healthline.com]

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  • Hereditary Deficiency of Antithrombin III

    A common place is the lung, where the clot can cause a cough, shortness of breath, pain while taking deep breaths, chest pain, and even death.[medlineplus.gov] , and pain (cramps).[rxlist.com] Blood clots in the arms or legs usually cause swelling, redness, and pain.[medlineplus.gov] Common side effects of Thrombate III include: dizziness chest tightness or pain nausea foul or unusual taste in mouth chills cramps shortness of breath film over eye lightheadedness[rxlist.com]

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  • Malignant Neoplasm

    An enlargement of the lymph nodes around the neck and collarbones or localized chest tenderness may indicate spread of the cancer to these areas (metastatic cancer).[mdguidelines.com] NETs may be difficult to localize.[clevelandclinicmeded.com] pain and yellowing of skin – due to liver metastasis Coughing and chest pain - spread of cancer cells to the lungs Seizures, headaches – signals brain involvement Weight[healthguideinfo.com] Source: Medical Disability Advisor History: Individuals may report persistent cough, coughing up blood ( hemoptysis ), shortness of breath ( dyspnea ), chest pain , loss of[mdguidelines.com]

  • Coccidioidomycosis

    She subsequently developed left wrist pain.[hcplive.com] Common symptoms include: Ankle, feet, and leg swelling Chest pain (can vary from mild to severe) Cough, possibly producing blood-tinged phlegm (sputum) Fever and night sweats[nlm.nih.gov] These cavities can result in symptoms like characteristic chest pain , coughing up blood , and persistent cough.[en.wikipedia.org] pain, weight loss, and general debilitation.[hcplive.com]

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  • Angioedema

    The welts are painful and may be itchy.[nlm.nih.gov] It is often associated with local burning sensation and pain without pronounced itchiness or local erythema.[emedicine.medscape.com] Internal swelling is relatively common, resulting in presentation to hospital with severe stomach or chest pains without external swelling at the same time.[allergy.org.au] Cool compresses or soaks can relieve pain.[nlm.nih.gov]

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