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1,318 Possible Causes for Localized Edema

  • Insect Bite

    Abstract Wells' syndrome is a multifaceted dermatosis with a wide morphological spectrum, ranging from characteristic cellulitis-like erythema and wheals to an unusual presentation of vesicles and bullae. We describe a patient in whom Wells' syndrome presented as an insect-bite-like eruption and was associated with[…][]

  • Muscle Strain

    This study investigated if using a shock-control hammer reduces forearm muscle strain by observing adverse physiological responses (i.e. inflammation and localized edema)[]

  • Contusion

    Home 2015 ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Codes Injury And Poisoning 800-999 Contusion With Intact Skin Surface 920-924 Contusion of eye and adnexa 921- 921 Contusion of eye and adnexa 921.0 Black eye, not otherwise specified convert 921.0 to ICD-10-CM 921.1 Contusion of eyelids and periocular area convert 921.1 to ICD-10-CM[…][]

  • Subcutaneous Abscess

    […] swelling and a positive indication is obtained by needle puncture. subcutaneous edema accumulation of edema in subcutaneous tissues, usually of the dependent parts.[] Synonym(s): hypodermic (1). [ sub- L. cutis, skin] subcutaneous beneath the layers of the skin. subcutaneous abscess the commonest site of an abscess; causes local pain and[]

  • Furunculosis

    Abstract Recurrent familial staphylococcal furunculosis causes severe physical and especially socio-psychological problems to the families involved. In the present study 6 families with 28 persons were not treated with antibiotics but with a combination of chlorhexidine bathing, nasal 1% chlorhexidine gel and improved[…][]

  • Thrombophlebitis

    A 37-year-old woman presented with sudden onset of local pain and edema on her right chest wall, accompanied by a longitudinal retraction of the skin during arm abduction[]

  • Lymphedema

    The excess adipose tissue disturbs the lymphatic vessels, leading to massive edema localized mostly in the lower extremity, reaching a substantial size and weight that interferes[] […] from venous insufficiency Contraindications Lymphedema Pump contraindications are as follows: Compartment Syndrome Deep vein thrombosis Local superficial infection Edema[] Massive localized lymphedema (MLL) is an uncommon benign skin lesion typically presenting with prominent edema and vascular proliferation in the adipose tissue of lower limbs[]

  • Erysipelas

    Local signs of inflammation warmth, edema, tenderness are universal. 18.[] Both erysipelas and cellulitis present clinically as a skin infection, that is, flushing (redness), local heat, intense pain and edema (swelling) in the affected area.[] The epidermis is often secondarily involved.Rarely, bacterial invasion of local blood vesselsmay be seen. 36. Treatment 37.[]

  • Cellulitis

    Physical Assessment  Local symptoms:  Erythema and edema of area  Warm to touch,  Possibly fluctuant (tense, firm to palpation)  May resemble peau d’orange  Advancing[] Edema  Mild systemic symptoms – low-grade fever, chills, malaise, and headache may be present 7.[] […] skin ulcer  Fragile skin  Immunocompromised host  Diabetes mellitus  Inflammation (e.g., eczema)  Edema secondary to venous insufficiency or lymphedema 6.[]

  • Varicose Veins

    Whether to be polite or just for comfort, sitting with crossed legs is a common habit. Does this posture increase your chance of developing varicose veins? According to Duke vein doctor Eric Mowatt-Larssen, MD, that’s not likely. “Some people have speculated that crossing your legs could compress veins in the[…][]

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