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420 Possible Causes for Localized Edema, Lymphadenopathy, Varicella

  • Insect Bite

    Pain, burning, edema and anaphylaxis can accompany the local skin reaction. 17 Systemic reaction can include generalized urticaria, angioedema, bronchospasm, laryngeal edema[] […] lupus erythematosus 全身性エリテマトーデス t terminal hair 終毛 thermotherapy 温熱療法 thyroid disease 甲状腺疾患 tinea 白癬(はくせん) topical steroid 外用ステロイド toxicoderma 中毒疹 u ulcer 潰瘍 urticaria 蕁麻疹 v varicella[] Characteristic symptoms are malaise, fever, chills, lymphadenopathy, arthalgia and abdominal pain. Papular urticaria.[]

  • Cellulitis

    Physical Assessment  Local symptoms:  Erythema and edema of area  Warm to touch,  Possibly fluctuant (tense, firm to palpation)  May resemble peau d’orange  Advancing[] She presented with varicella lesions, fever and a painful firm tumefaction on the right lower leg (RLL).[] In our case, with the knowledge of tick exposure to the scalp, tularaemia was not initially considered for facial cellulitis without regional lymphadenopathy and also due[]

  • Dermatitis

    Severe local reactions from PPD may occur in black henna tattoos in adults and children.[] Occult varicella. Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2009 Dec. 28(12):1073-5. [Medline]. Haeck IM, Rouwen TJ, Timmer-de Mik L, et al.[] In both forms of TB, lymphadenopathy evolves towards abscess and presents fibrotic scars or calcifications upon healing (6).[]

  • Herpes Zoster

    Chronic inflammation can lead to endothelial cell injury, resulting in corneal edema.[] A 15-year postmarketing evaluation of the impact of varicella vaccine on the age distribution of varicella disease is being conducted at Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program[] […] forehead and upper eyelid, progressing to crusting after 2-3 weeks; resolution often involves scarring periorbital oedema (may close the eyelids and spread to opposite side) lymphadenopathy[]

  • Varicose Veins

    Complications associated with AP include blister formation, localized thrombophlebitis, skin necrosis, hemorrhage, and persistent edema.[] The mass lesions were suspicious of lymphadenopathy related to cancer recurrence.[]

  • Necrotizing Fasciitis

    Via infection, local inflammatory processes produce increased amounts of purulence, local edema, and eventually necrosis in the deep tissues, leading to pain out of proportion[] Abstract Necrotizing fasciitis (NF) is a rare complication of varicella zoster (chicken pox) infection.[] Cross-sectional imaging findings include asymmetric thickening of fascia, soft tissue air, blurring of fascial planes, inflammatory fat stranding, reactive lymphadenopathy[]

  • Kawasaki Disease

    Although major diagnostic criteria for Kawasaki disease were met, local epidemiologic data suggested a possible vector-borne etiology.[] Associations between Kawasaki disease and psoriasis, between Kawasaki disease and varicella and between varicella and psoriasis have all been reported in the literature.[] Twenty-nine of the 136 patients initially presented with only cervical lymphadenopathy and fever and were classified into the lymphadenopathy-KD (LKD); they were compared[]

  • Rubella

    ADVERSE EVENTS AFTER MMR VACCINATION Adverse events associated with administration of MMR vaccine range from local pain, induration, and edema to rare systemic reactions such[] Despite no change in the scheduled age of varicella vaccine, use of MMRV vaccine was associated with a 4.0% increase in 1-dose varicella vaccine coverage.[] He was admitted with a headache, fever, loss of consciousness and bilateral retroauricular lymphadenopathy.[]

  • Lymphangitis

    Because of capillary dilation and production of cytokines, fluid accumulation in the interstitium occurs and leads to edema and local tenderness.[] […] symptoms of lymphangitis caused by W bancrofti are indistinguishable from those of bacterial lymphangitis [1, 2] In addition, individuals with diabetes, immunodeficiency, varicella[] Chronic lymphangitis Lymphadenopathy Lymphangitis carcinomatosa[]

  • Measles

    Reactions, such as local edema and induration, lymphadenopathy, and fever, have at times been observed when live measles virus vaccine was administered to recipients of inactivated[] […] and to analyze factors associated with measles and varicella antibody levels.[] The child presented with high fever, cough, cervical lymphadenopathy, and maculopapular rash followed by vesicular skin rash.[]

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