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68 Possible Causes for Localized Edema, Respiratory Failure, Tracheal Injury

  • Chest Trauma

    In a few cases of acute MR, pulmonary edema localized in the right upper lobe has been reported.[] […] movement, mechanical respiratory dysfunction, and frequent respiratory failure. 75% of the cases are associated with pulmonary contusion, which produces an inflammatory response[] Tracheal injury after blunt chest trauma is a rare but life-threatening condition. If diagnosed and treated early, the outcome is excellent.[]

  • Pulmonary Edema

    According to the etiology, edema may be localized (in inflammation or in impaired venous drainage) or systemic (in right heart failure or in nephrotic syndrome).[] failure.[] However, invasive ventilation increases the risk for complications including nosocomial infections (pneumonia, sinusitis) and tracheal injury ( Gay 2009 ; Keenan 1997 ).[]

  • Contusion

    The complications of pulmonary contusion are ARDS, as mentioned, and respiratory failure, atelectasis and pneumonia.[] Tracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation may be necessary if there is difficulty in oxygenation or ventilation.[] Good tracheal toilet and pulmonary care is essential to minimise the incidence of pneumonia in this susceptible group.[]

  • Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

    If you have trouble breathing, call your local emergency number (such as 911) or go to the emergency room.[] Peek GJ, Tirouvopaiti R, Firmin RK (2005) ECLS for adult respiratory failure: etiology and indications.[] , pneumothorax (by placing pulmonary artery catheter), tracheal injury/stenosis (result of intubation and/or irritation by endotracheal tube Nutritional: malnutrition (catabolic[]

  • Atypical Pneumonia

    Tumescent anesthesia is an established and safe procedure in local analgesia when performed according to guidelines. Major adverse effects are rare.[] It can lead to respiratory failure and death in some cases. How common is atypical pneumonia? Walking pneumonia is quite common.[] The respiratory equations are computed with PaO2 /FiO2 consistent with severe lung injury.[]

  • Acute Respiratory Failure

    .- Pulmonary embolus, R to L shunt, Shock Diffusely white (opacified) CXR with hypoxemia and normocapnia - ARDS, NCPE, CHF, pulmonary fibrosis Localized infiltrate - pneumonia[] Hypoxemic respiratory failure is the commonest type of acute respiratory failure.[] , pneumothorax (by placing pulmonary artery catheter), tracheal injury/stenosis (result of intubation and/or irritation by endotracheal tube Nutritional: malnutrition (catabolic[]

  • Angioedema

    A general term for a vascular reaction of the deep dermis, subcutaneous or submucosal tissues, which corresponds to localized edema 2º to vasodilation and capillary permeability[] Additional treatments Intravenous epinephrine (1:10,000) should be used in patients who demonstrate upper airway obstruction, acute respiratory failure, or shock. [4] Aerosolized[] The patient with a gun-shot wound to the jaw, the tracheal crush injury, the diabetic with Ludwig’s, and the case of severe angioedema all occur regularly in the airway nightmares[]

  • Laryngeal Edema

    As both these substances are known to cause metabolic acidosis, localized edema, erosion and sensitization of both the respiratory and alimentary tract.[] In the presence of respiratory failure, reintubation should be performed without delay.[] If this is present look for subtle laryngeal and tracheal injury.[]

  • Tracheomalacia

    […] nerve palsies, laryngeal edema and tracheomalacia.[] Abstract Patients with Morquio syndrome can develop respiratory failure secondary to reduced chest wall compliance and airway collapse from irregularly shaped vocal cords[] Flaccidity of the trachea , due to injury or congenital defect, such that the tracheal passageway fails to stay open at its normal diameter, especially during inspiration[]

  • Spasmodic Croup

    The local vasoconstriction in the subglottic mucosa produced by epinephrine can generate rapid improvement in symptoms.[] A total score of 12 indicates impending respiratory failure.[] […] flags for impending respiratory failure.[]

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