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18 Possible Causes for Localized Edema, Snow Shoveling

  • Muscle Strain

    This study investigated if using a shock-control hammer reduces forearm muscle strain by observing adverse physiological responses (i.e. inflammation and localized edema)[] Everybody is an athlete in their own way, and it is just as important to warm up before shoveling snow, mowing the grass, or vacuuming, as it is before playing basketball[]

  • Myocardial Infarction

    The man was bitten on the left index finger and subsequently developed localized edema followed by hypotension, chest pain, and altered mental status.[] Inspiratory crackles often indicate edema or fibrosis. Chest pain and pedal edema may indicate cardiac causes.[] Palpation and percussion can help localize the side of a unilateral abnormality. A wheeze on auscultation points towards obstructive pathologies.[]

  • Acute Myocardial Infarction

    Finally, microvascular occlusion by perivascular edema, accumulation of neutrophils, and local thrombosis occur. Table 1. Reperfusion injury: physiopathogenic elements.[] […] injury affects not only myocytes but also the microvasculature, where ROS produce direct damage of endothelial cells, causing increased permeability of the capillary wall and edema[]

  • Cold Urticaria

    Shoveling snow may be associated with hives and swelling of the exposed areas of the body.[] "In the wintertime some of it's good," she told TODAY, "because I don't have to walk the dog, and I don't have to shovel snow."[] Your doctor will select a long acting antihistamine to be used either regularly or when anticipating a high risk event (such as shoveling snow, or swimming).[]

  • Bursitis

    […] dirt or snow, or house painting Kneeling on a hard or raised surface for long periods of time, causing prepatellar bursitis (also called housemaid's knee) Repeated pressure[] […] tenderness Pain (aggravated by movement of the specific joint, tendon, or both) Edema Erythema Reduced movement Routine laboratory blood work is generally not helpful in[] […] baseball, tennis, racquetball, and running Frequent irritation of or friction on part of your body from other activities, including everyday household jobs such as yardwork, shoveling[]

  • Bee Sting

    Local reactions are common. Unusually, manifestations like vomiting, diarrhea, dyspnea, generalized edema, acute renal failure, hypotension and collapse may occur.[] (The movement is similar to the way you shovel snow from a sidewalk.) Because it’s upsetting to be stung, it’s best if an adult removes the stinger for you.[] Signs: Local Reactions Bees/Wasps ( Venom contains biogenic amines) Erythematous Papule s develop in seconds Most lesions subside in 4-6 hours Larger areas of edema and Urticaria[]

  • Central Retinal Vein Occlusion

    It is possible, but not proven, that some young patients with central vein occlusion of the non-ischemic type may benefit from localized laser treatment for macular edema.[] No strenuous activity (including lifting weights, running, yoga, pilates, aerobics, yard work, snow shoveling, laundry, housecleaning, sexual intercourse) is not recommended[]

  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

    The father of the children was just steps away shoveling snow from around the car. Angel Ginel of New York died in a similar way Monday afternoon.[] The decedent was transported to the local hospital where he was pronounced.[] The kids' dad was shoveling snow just steps away when he found his family unconscious.[]

  • Hypothermia

    An inherent local and systemic regulation of inflammation together with changes in colloid osmotic pressure may indicate a possible preventive mechanism of edema generation[] Find a Warming Center Near You Data Release Policy Data & Statistical Reports Frigid with a Chance of Frostbite (flier) DHSS Frigid Weather (brochure) Snow Shoveling Safety[] The ski team arrived first, but the snow shovel the group had brought couldn’t break through the thick covering of ice.[]

  • Cystic Fibrosis

    Altered mucus composition and viscoelasticity results in decreased mucociliary clearance and obstruction of paranasal sinus drainage ostia, facilitating local inflammation[] snow for the first time.[] Mucosal edema ensues, compromising ciliary function and favoring bacterial colonization, usually by Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. 3,6,18,26 Nasal polyposis[]

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