4,591 Possible Causes for Localized Pain

  • Otitis Media

    Local pain medications may also be used.[tchain.com] Local pain medications may also be used. Refractory OE may be caused by resistant bacteria or fungus.[dizziness-and-balance.com] Adjuvant therapy: Pain relief, including local drops, analgesics, heating pad, warm oil.[pedclerk.bsd.uchicago.edu]

  • Streptococcal Infection

    Cellulitis Cellulitis is characterized by inflammation of the skin and subcutaneous tissues and is associated with local pain, tenderness, swelling, and erythema.[emedicine.medscape.com] NF presents with severe local pain, destruction of tissue. Rheumatic fever is a leading cause of acquired heart disease in young people worldwide.[phagetherapycenter.com] The possibility of local suppurative complications, such as peritonsillar abscess, should be checked if there is an intense pain.[symptoma.com]

  • Acromegaly

    Side effects may include loose stools, malabsorption, cholelithiasis (gall stones), local pain at the injection site.[acromegaly.org] It causes some degree of tumor shrinkage in 30-50% of patients, and often improves symptoms of soft tissue swelling, headache, joint pains and sleep apnea.[acromegaly.org]

  • Insect Bite

    Females first bite, then insert their stinger one or more times, causing local pain, swelling, itching, and pustules that may persist for weeks.[motherearthliving.com] Some insect bites are associated with papule formation, transient pruritus and/or localized pain, others are not even noticed by the person who got bitten.[symptoma.com] The black widow spider may cause only a mild local reaction at the bite site, but pain, stiffness, chills, fever, nausea, and abdominal pain may follow within a few hours.[skinsight.com]

  • Scorpion Sting

    The stings usually cause only localized pain with minimal swelling, some lymphangitis with regional lymphadenopathy, increased skin temperature, and tenderness around the[msdmanuals.com] Adult reactions For adults symptoms include immediate local pain or a burning sensation with no swelling or redness.[12news.com] The initial symptoms were local pain, irritability, excessive salivation, and nystagmus.[scielo.br]

  • Catfish Sting

    Catfish venom causes local pain, redness and swelling. Of more concern is the wound caused by the spine and the likelihood of infection.[buddymd.com] This venom can trigger localized pain, swelling and redness. An issue of concern is the wound caused by the spine and the risk for infection .[firstaidsaskatoon.ca] Irukandji syndrome causes severe generalised pain associated with autonomic effects with little local pain or reaction.[nps.org.au]

  • Osteosarcoma

    The pain may be present for several weeks to several months.[1]The majority of patients with osteosarcoma present with localized pain at the primary tumor site.[3] Range of[physio-pedia.com] The tumour is commonest at the lower end of the thigh bone (femur) or the upper end of the shin bone (tibia) causing swelling and sometimes pain, local warmth and tenderness[medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com] Patients typically present with pain, swelling, localized enlargement of the extremity and, occasionally, pathologic fracture.[aafp.org]

  • Lionfish Sting

    Judging from this and other reports in the United States, the vast majority of lionfish stings appear to result in uncomplicated wounds with severe local pain that is responsive[emedicine.medscape.com] In a series of 101 documented cases of captive lionfish envenomations in the US, the following effects were reported (Gallagher, 2001): 92% of patients experienced local pain[reefkeeping.com] […] documented cases of captive lionfish envenomations here in the United States, the following effects were reported by Gallagher (2001): 92 percent of patients experienced local[tfhmagazine.com]

  • Brown Recluse Spider Bite

    A more intense, local pain, often with pruritus occurs after 6-8 hours. As the lesion progresses, the erythema with central mottling may develop a bleb or blister.[medicine.mc.vanderbilt.edu] Bite Reactions Bite Reaction may consist only of a very local and temporary skin irritation.[ccmhonline.com] , erythema and edema Local envenomation associated skin lesions: extensive necrosis, hemorrhage, blistering and ulceration ( Semin Cutan Med Surg 2014;33:123 ) May take 2[pathologyoutlines.com]

  • Polyarteritis Nodosa

    Poor function or pain in any of these organs can be a symptom. Poor blood supply to the bowels can cause abdominal pain , local bowel death, and bleeding.[medicinenet.com] It may be completely asymptomatic or present with features of pain, swelling and/or a local mass in some cases.[journalmc.org]

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