422 Possible Causes for Localized Pain in USA

    • Insect Bite

      Most people have localized pain, redness, swelling, or itching. … For intense local pain, injection of local anesthetic may be required. … Some insect bites are associated with papule formation, transient pruritus and/or localized pain, others are not even noticed by the person who got bitten.[1] [2] [3]

    • Osteomyelitis

      The classic signs of inflammation, including local pain, swelling, or redness, may also occur and normally disappear within 5-7 days. [1] Chronic posttraumatic osteomyelitis … Local pain, swelling, erythema, and edema may also be reported. [ 2 ] Physical Examination On physical examination, scars or local disturbance of wound healing may be noted … In conditions when they do, the following are experienced: Pain and tenderness in the affected area Fever accompanied by chills Signs of inflammation, such as local pain,[4] [5]

    • Hemophilia A
      Localized Pain
    • Catfish Sting
      Localized Pain
    • Osteosarcoma
      Localized Pain

      Traditional treatments for osteosarcoma include amputation of the affected limb to address local pain issues, followed by systemic chemotherapy for the treatment of distant … The pain may be present for several weeks to several months.[1]The majority of patients with osteosarcoma present with localized pain at the primary tumor site.[3] Range of[6] [7]

    • Meckel Diverticulitis
      Localized Pain
    • Hemophilia B
      Localized Pain
    • Hereditary Deficiency of Antithrombin III
      Localized Pain
    • Hodgkin's Disease
      Localized Pain
    • Polyarteritis Nodosa
      Localized Pain

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