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5,271 Possible Causes for Localized Pain

  • Osteoporosis

    Plain x-rays of the spine should be considered in older patients with severe back pain and localized vertebral spinous tenderness.[] […] trauma Pain is localized to a specific, identifiable, vertebral level in the midthoracic to lower thoracic or upper lumbar spine The pain is described variably as sharp, nagging[] Typical findings in patients with painful vertebral fractures may include the following: The episode of acute pain may follow a fall or minor trauma Pain is localized to a[]

  • Streptococcal Infection

    They can be diagnosed as a result of local pain and swelling or as incidental findings.[] NF presents with severe local pain, destruction of tissue. Rheumatic fever is a leading cause of acquired heart disease in young people worldwide.[] The possibility of local suppurative complications, such as peritonsillar abscess, should be checked if there is an intense pain.[]

  • Insect Bite

    Most cause only transient local pain and/or itching, but about 1 percent of Americans experience severe allergic reactions to insect venom; about fifty die each year.[] Some insect bites are associated with papule formation, transient pruritus and/or localized pain, others are not even noticed by the person who got bitten.[] Cold packs may help with local pain and swelling.[]

  • Acromegaly

    Side effects may include loose stools, malabsorption, cholelithiasis (gall stones), local pain at the injection site.[] Side effects may include loose stools, malabsorption, cholelithiasis (gall stones), and local pain at the injection site.[] It causes some degree of tumor shrinkage in 30-50% of patients, and often improves symptoms of soft tissue swelling, headache, joint pains and sleep apnea.[]

  • Scorpion Sting

    The patient felt a severe sharp local pain that did not improve until he presented to the hospital 12 hours later.[] Seventeen patients stung by Tityus serrulatus scorpion were classified as mild (pain at the site of the sting, n 6), moderate (local pain and one of the following manifestations[] Local pain was the primary presenting complaint (95%), with a total systemic toxicity of 78.3% and 35.2% of these were children.[]

  • Influenza

    In the 2013, 2014 and 2015 studies, pain was the most frequent local adverse reaction and headache the most frequent systemic adverse reaction.[] The most common adverse events after IIV administration are local injection site pain and tenderness.[]

  • Catfish Sting

    Catfish venom causes local pain, redness and swelling. Of more concern is the wound caused by the spine and the likelihood of infection.[] This venom can trigger localized pain, swelling and redness. An issue of concern is the wound caused by the spine and the risk for infection .[] Irukandji syndrome causes severe generalised pain associated with autonomic effects with little local pain or reaction.[]

  • Osteosarcoma

    We present the case of a 22-year-old girl with increasing local pain in the distal left thigh.[] Most patients diagnosed with an osteosarcoma present to a doctor with complaints of localized pain in the bone which may come and go over time.[] Herein, we presented a 50-year-old man patient who visited hospital due to local bone pain in the left leg. He was initially diagnosed with osteoblastic osteosarcoma.[]

  • Brown Recluse Spider Bite

    A more intense, local pain, often with pruritus occurs after 6-8 hours. As the lesion progresses, the erythema with central mottling may develop a bleb or blister.[] Patients with brown recluse spider bites commonly suffer from pain, muscular aching, and a variety of local dysesthesias during the acute and resolution phases of toxin-induced[] The wounds were generally curetted under local anesthesia in an outpatient setting.[]

  • Otitis Media

    Local pain medications may also be used.[] Local pain medications may also be used. Refractory OE may be caused by resistant bacteria or fungus.[] Drops and sprays such as Sofradex or Otomize are frequently prescribed: follow your local antibiotic policy.[]

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