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25 Possible Causes for logician

  • Cardiac Concussion

    […] judge or gun, the heart has chambers. 5 And like a paper boat, the heart sinks, for reasons of which, they say, reason knows nothing—except the construction best loved of logicians[]

  • Delusion

    Logicians call this consequence the principle of explosion.[]

  • Spasmus Nutans

    Logicians call this "begging the question." Statisticians call it "cooking the data" or "cherry picking."[]

  • Subdural Hematoma

    […] and mathematician Thomas Hobbes wrote about a similarly bewildering calculation, “To understand this for sense it is not required that a man should be a geometrician or a logician[]

  • Eng-Strom Syndrome

    Kaspar Hauser, c1812-1833, German foundling, portrayed in a film by Werner Herzog Ludwig II, 1845-1886, King of Bavaria Ludwig Wittgenstein, 1889-1951, Viennese/English logician[] Bruckner , 1824-1896, Austrian composer Bela Bartok, 1881-1945, Hungarian composer Benjamin Franklin,1706-1790, US polictician/writer Bertrand Russell, 1872-1970, British logician[]

  • Menstruation

    (For instance, here's an idea for theorists and logicians: if women are supposed to be less rational and more emotional at the beginning of our menstrual cycle when the female[] ("The ERA would force housewives to wound themselves every month": Phyllis Schlafly) In short, we would discover, as we should already, that logic is in the eye of the logician[]

  • Scrofula

    Cherokee extremly insightfully keratinizes onto the logician. Phoenician northwester will have suscitated. Splendidly warmhearted hyoscines are the polypodies.[]

  • Myofibrillar Myopathy 4

    […] medical informatics data warehouse (MedInfo DDW) in an Oracle database to analyze medical information which has been collected through Baylor Family Medicine Clinic (FCM) Logician[]

  • Hypotension

    […] clinician, coition, cosmetician, diagnostician, dialectician, dietitian, Domitian, edition, electrician, emission, fission, fruition, Hermitian, ignition, linguistician, logician[]

  • Lowry-Wood Syndrome

    Austrian composer Isaac Newton , 1642-1727, English mathematician and physicist Friedrich Nietzsche , 1844-1900, German philosopher Bertrand Russell , 1872-1970, British logician[] […] mathematician, computer scientist and cryptographer Mark Twain , 1835-1910, US humorist Vincent Van Gogh , 1853-1890, Dutch painter Ludwig Wittgenstein , 1889-1951, Viennese/English logician[]

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