3,697 Possible Causes for Long Bone Fracture

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    When fractures, sprains, and the wear and tear of daily life get to your bones and joints, you need to know when to take action and the best way to take care of yourself.[sw.org] Osteomyelitis may affect the orbital plate, frontal bone, or sphenoid bone.[emedicine.medscape.com] Your Family Older Adults Although genetics determines how long we will live, it's the lifestyle we choose that will determine how healthy we are as we age.[sw.org]

  • Long Bone Fracture

    The tibia, or shin bone, is the most common long bone in the body to experience fracture.[thpg.org] Abstract Establishing the diagnosis of long bone fracture is rarely difficult.[link.springer.com] 0 For those who have protocols for pain medication in (actual and potential) long bone fractures - what do they look like?[allnurses.com]

  • Osteitis Deformans

    Fractures — Surgery may allow fractures to heal in a better position.[en.wikipedia.org] Amputation may be necessary for osteosarcoma of long bones.[patient.info] Affected bones are prone to fracture.[nmihi.com]

  • Primary Hyperparathyroidism

    ) with a more severely affection of the long bones in the appendicular skeleton (mainly cortical bone). 17 Accordingly, the low BMD in PHPT is considered to reflect a reversible[touchendocrinology.com] […] for as long as one year.[omicsonline.org] Erosions also may involve the proximal medial aspect of long bones and the lamina dura of the mandible.[healio.com]

  • Maffucci Syndrome

    Enchondromas in the metaphyseal regions of long bones may also result in deformity and limb asymmetry, as well as pathological fractures 1 .[jrheum.org] The tumors are found on the long bones of hands, fingers and feet, and can cause deformity and fractures.[luriechildrens.org] Bone irregularities in Maffucci syndrome include shortened length of the long bones, unequal leg length, pathologic fractures, and malunion of fractures. [ 10 ] In Maffucci[emedicine.medscape.com]

  • Craniofacial Dysplasia-Osteopenia Syndrome

    Intravenous bisphosphonates may be helpful for treatment of bone pain, but there is no clear evidence that they strengthen bone lesions or prevent fractures. [11] [12] Surgical[en.wikipedia.org] Multiple calvarial wormian bones, repetitive fractures, bowing of the long bones, and pseudofractures with metaphyseal narrowing are additional manifestations (Nishimura et[rrnursingschool.biz] Long bone deformity at birth and bowing of limbs due to fractures.Osteoblast259420 Type IVMild to moderate skeletal deformities with varying degrees of fractures, scoliosis[nature.com]

  • Langerhans-Cell Histiocytosis

    Symptoms Symptoms can include: Persistent pain and swelling on a bone, especially in an arm or leg A bone fracture, especially one that happens without any apparent trauma[drugs.com] […] may be treated if causing pain or if there is a risk of deformity or fracture.[dermnetnz.org] Although the skull is most commonly affected, there may also be involvement of other bones, such as those of the spine (vertebrae) and the long bones of the arms and legs.[webmd.com]

  • Dyskeratosis Congenita
  • Viral Lower Respiratory Infection

    Osteomyelitis may affect the orbital plate, frontal bone, or sphenoid bone.[emedicine.medscape.com] Rib fracture may be seen following an episode of severe coughing, such as that associated with whooping cough.[emedicine.medscape.com] Among patients who survive diphtheria, as many as 20% have permanent hearing loss or other long-term sequelae. [13] Complications from pertussis More than half of infants[emedicine.medscape.com]

  • Fracture

    […] pattern [ edit ] Linear fracture: A fracture that is parallel to the bone's long axis Transverse fracture: A fracture that is at a right angle to the bone's long axis Oblique[en.wikipedia.org] Pain usually stops long before the fracture is solid enough to handle the stresses of normal activity.[orthoinfo.aaos.org] […] breaks into several pieces A transverse fracture is when the fracture line is perpendicular to the shaft (long part) of the bone.[webmd.com]

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