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140 Possible Causes for Long Thin Feet

  • Sunburn

    Pay special attention to cover: Lips Ears Around the eyes Neck Hands Feet Scalp (if hair is thinning) The bikini or bathing suit line What Is the Prognosis for Sunburn?[] Minor and uncomplicated cases of sunburn cause discomfort and no long-lasting effects. A person can expect to feel better in 4-7 days.[]

  • Preeclampsia

    […] umbilical cord often stained with meconium • Decreased skeletal muscle mass and subcutaneous fat tissue • Loose, dry, and easy peelable skin • Long finger nails • Relatively[] […] the body (brain sparing effect) • Large and wide anterior fontanelle (poor formation of membranous bones) • Absent buccal fat (old man look) • Small or scaphoid abdomen • Thin[] […] large hands and feet compared to body • Skin having a loose fold of skin in the nape of neck, axilla, inter-scapular area, and gluteal region (more than three folds) • Anxious[]

  • Kaufman Oculocerebrofacial Syndrome

    , and long thin hands and feet.[] Other anomalies can be present: long thin hands and feet, ambiguous genitalia, hypertelorism, etc . An autosomal recessive mode of inheritance seems most likely.[] . * long thin hands & feet * eye abnormalities including shaky or wiggly eye movement (nystagmus) * unusually looking long narrow face * small head; those some persons have[]

  • Deviated Nasal Septum

    Flat, long thin feet, often with hammer toes, require careful shoe fitting, with orthotics. Surgery for hammer toes can be helpful.[] , poor muscle tone, and very thin muscles.[] Familial cases have a better long-term outlook, generally following the family pattern of involvement. Homocystinuria and Beals syndrome should be ruled out.[]

  • Marfan Syndrome

    The signs may include: Tall and slim build Long, thin limbs Large, flat feet Long, thin fingers Loose and flexible joints Scoliosis Breastbone protrusion or indentation Crowded[] […] body type Curvature of the spine (scoliosis or kyphosis) Chest sinks in (pectus excavatum) or sticks out/pigeon breast (pectus carinatum) Long, thin fingers Flexible joints[] Visible symptoms may include: unusually tall height long limbs large, flat feet loose joints long, thin fingers a curved spine a chest bone (sternum) that sticks out or caves[]

  • Aortic Aneurysm and Dissection

    He had long arms and legs, and large, narrow hands and feet.[] […] greater than height upward lens dislocation aortic root dilatation and aortic incompetence mitral valve prolapse Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln was both tall (6 ft 4 in) and thin[]

  • Mental Retardation

    He also had long hands (20 cm, 97th centile) with long and thin fingers, and flat feet with long and thin toes.[]

  • Payr's Syndrome

    […] arms and legs Tall and thin body type Long, thin fingers Curvature of the spine ( scoliosis or kyphosis) Chest sinks or sticks out Flexible joints Flat feet High-arched palate[] Separation of the layers of the aorta that can cause it to tear ( aortic dissection ) “Floppy” mitral valve ( mitral valve prolapse-MVP ) Bones and joints (skeletal system) Long[]

  • Allan-Herndon-Dudley Syndrome

    Long, thin everted feet are also typical. Ocular manifestations (i.e. rotary nystagmus and disconjugate eye movements) are rare.[]

  • Cutis Laxa

    […] clouding, a thin triangular face, and a pinched nose.[] thin upper and lower lips and camptodactyly of right little finger.[] The characteristic features for ARCL2A are abnormal isoelectric focusing and facial features, including downslanting palpebral fissures and a long philtrum.[]

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