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316 Possible Causes for Lordosis, Short Stature in Children

  • Cartilage Hair Hypoplasia

    Increased ligamentous laxity was present in 95%, limited extension of the elbows in 92%, increased lumbar lordosis in 85%, thoracal deformity in 68%, genu varum in 63% and[] […] with short stature of varying origin.[] Lumbar lordosis is increased ( 11 ).[]

  • Achondroplasia

    Affected individuals exhibit short stature caused by rhizomelic shortening of the limbs, characteristic facies with frontal bossing and mid-face hypoplasia, exaggerated lumbar lordosis[] The most common reasons for short stature in children are familial short stature, a difference in the timing of growth (called constitutional growth delay) and, in girls,[] Bulky forehead, saddle nose, lumbar lordosis, bowlegs Very common today Autosomal dominant The iliac wings are short and squared off Narrowing of the spinal canal Achondroplasia[]

  • Hypochondroplasia

    Bulky forehead, saddle nose, lumbar lordosis, bowlegs Very common today Autosomal dominant The iliac wings are short and squared off Narrowing of the spinal canal Achondroplasia[] […] with short stature of varying origin.[] Other features include a large head, limited range of motion in the elbows, lordosis, and bowed legs.[]

  • Pseudoachondroplasia

    The case of the current report also had lumbar lordosis ( Figure 1 ). Lumbar lordosis is observed in around 50% of affected individuals ( 4 ).[] These children have short stature, with short arms and legs and short fingers.[] […] dysplasia Clinical Early onset with limb growth–irregular 'mushroomed' metaphyses, small, irregular and fragmented epiphyses, short bowed diaphyses, flattened vertebrae, lumbar lordosis[]

  • Hallermann Syndrome

    Skeletal abnormalities have also been reported in some cases, such as widely flared shoulder blades (winged scapula), abnormal curvature of the spine (lordosis or scoliosis[] Children often appear petite and short in stature. Developmental delays are common but most individuals have normal or near-normal intelligence.[] Children appear petite and are often short in stature. Scalp hair is thin, especially in the frontal and occipital areas, and the skin is atrophic.[]

  • Williams Syndrome

    […] arterial stenoses, hypertension) should be performed at puberty Ophthalmologic evaluation for strabismus and hyperopia Orthopedic problems (eg, joint limitation, kyphosis, lordosis[] Low Birth Weight/Short Stature Most children with WS are born with low birth weight and experience slow weight gain during their toddler years.[] Children with WS usually have a variety of physical problems, especially problems with hearts defects. They have "elfin" faces and usually are of short stature.[]

  • Russell-Silver Syndrome

    Georgia is also still under an orthopaedic surgeon, due to kyphosis, scoliosis and lordosis (various curvatures of the spine).[] Ackland FM, Stanhope R, Eyre C, Hamill G, Jones J, Preece MA: Physiological growth hormone secretion in children with short stature and intrauterine growth retardation.[] Russell-Silver syndrome (RSS) is characterized by slow growth both in utero and after birth, short stature, and specific facial features.[]

  • Diastrophic Dysplasia

    Ten years after cervical spine surgery C4/C5 segmental lordosis was 10 , C1-C7 lordosis 51 .[] Parents should be offered contact with other parents of children of short stature, and the children themselves should also be offered the opportunity to meet children in the[] This results in shorter bones, short stature, joint and hand deformities, and abnormal curving of the spine (lordosis, scoliosis, or kyphosis).[]

  • Smith-Magenis Syndrome

    […] development Hoarse voice Daytime drowsiness and/or naps Bedwetting Snoring Frequent ear infections Hearing loss Hypotonia (floppiness), especially in infants Scoliosis, lordosis[] stature curved spine ( scoliosis ) hoarse voice myopia ( short-sightedness ) flat feet.[] Skeletal malformations are common in individuals with SMS and can include front-to-back curvature of the spine (lordosis), mild-to-moderate sideways curvature of the spine[]

  • Schmid Metaphyseal Chondrodysplasia

    Short limbed dwarfism Bowed legs (genu varum) Flaring of bones of the lowe rib cage lumbar lordosis hip deformities (coxa vara) Waddling gait Arthritis later in life *Please[] […] present with a waddling gait, exaggerated lumbar lordosis, genu varum , and short stature; - additional features include: - mental retardation; - joint contractures; - exophthalmic[] Other physical characteristics may include outward \"flaring\" of the bones of the lower rib cage, lumbar lordosis, pain in the legs, and/or hip deformities in which the thigh[]

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