1,529 Possible Causes for Loss of Appetite in USA

    • Upper Respiratory Infection

      Loss of appetite. … Herpes is also accompanied by fever, depression, loss of appetite, eye ulcers and drooling. … Decongestants are chemically related to adrenalin and can cause side-effects that include increased pulse, jitteriness, insomnia, and loss of appetite. • Pseudoephedrine ([1] [2]

    • Acute Gastroenteritis
      Loss of Appetite
    • Influenza
      Loss of Appetite

      Mild, low-grade fever (103 F) Runny nose that may change from clear to thick Lethargy or sleepy demeanor Cough, which may be dry or may bring up sputum Loss of appetite Steve … There may also be any of the following: fatigue, loss of appetite and sometimes diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, otitis media and (rarely) cerebral irritability seizures. [ 4 … […] of appetite) may take longer than two weeks to resolve.[3] [4]

    • Anorexia

      Loss of appetite, especially as a result of disease. 2. … See also disorder, body dysmorphic. anorexia lack or loss of appetite for food. … [G. fr. an- priv. orexis, appetite] anorexia Loss of appetite, especially as a result of disease.[5]

    • Pulmonary Fibrosis

      Symptoms and Types The signs and symptoms displayed by the dog generally progress slowly; these include: Cyanosis Lethargy Loss of appetite (anorexia) Cough (nonproductive … […] of appetite and weight loss. … […] diseases associated with collagen vascular diseases Symptoms Symptoms include shortness of breath with exertion, chronic cough, fatigue, weakness, chest discomfort and eventual loss[6] [7]

    • Pneumonia
      Anorexia Loss of Appetite

      […] of appetite, low energy, and fatigue Confusion, especially in older people Symptoms also can vary, depending on whether your pneumonia is bacterial or viral. … […] when you climb stairs Additional symptoms include: Sharp or stabbing chest pain that gets worse when you breathe deeply or cough Headache Excessive sweating and clammy skin Loss[8]

    • Infectious Mononucleosis
      Loss of Appetite
    • Malignant Neoplasm
      Loss of Appetite

      appetite and weight loss, hoarseness, and bone pain. … Source: Medical Disability Advisor History: Individuals may report persistent cough, coughing up blood ( hemoptysis ), shortness of breath ( dyspnea ), chest pain , loss of[9]

    • Appendicitis
      Loss of Appetite

      Early Symptoms Constipation, diarrhea, or gas Dull, achy pain beginning around the belly button (navel), turning to sharp pain in the lower right portion of the abdomen Loss … […] of appetite Low fever Nausea and vomiting Rebound tenderness: tenderness when pressure applied to the lower right abdomen is released More Advanced Symptoms Abdomen swelling … Other symptoms of appendicitis include: loss of appetite nausea or vomiting constipation or diarrhea low-grade fever abdominal swelling/bloating Although loss of appetite[10] [11]

    • Meningitis
      Loss of Appetite

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