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172 Possible Causes for Loss of Axillary Hair

  • Adrenal Insufficiency

    A 37-year-old female patient was hospitalized because of general fatigue and loss of axillary and pubic hair after massive bleeding at delivery of her third child.[] Loss of pubic or axillary hair in women, delayed puberty in children.[] Note any loss of axillary and pubic hair that could be caused by decreased androgen levels.[]

  • Sheehan Syndrome

    There was a loss of axillary hairs and only sparse pubic hairs. Examination of other systems was unremarkable.[] There was a history of secondary amenorrhoea, loss of axillary and pubic hair following childbirth at 28 years of age.[] The most common symptoms included asthenia and adynamia in 51 (85%), amenorrhea in 44 (73%), loss of axillary or pubic hair in 40 (67%), and agalactia in 40 (67%).[]

  • Panhypopituitarism

    Nonspecific symptoms are most frequently seen in the form of exercise intolerance, abdominal pain, loss of axillary and pubic hair weakness or fatigue, Increase in weight,[] In women, loss of adrenal and ovarian function results in loss of all androgens; loss of axillary and pubic hair may result.[] Characteristic signs of the disorder are failure to lactate, amenorrhea (in females), weakness, cold intolerance, lethargy, and loss of libido and of axillary and pubic hair[]

  • Anterior Pituitary Hypofunction

    […] of pubic and axillary hair Atrophy of breast and Testis What are the steps in evaluating anterior pituitary hypofunction?[] Answer Growth hormone Short stature Delayed puberty ACTH Symptoms of adrenal cortical deficiency TSH Symptoms of hypothyroidism Gonadotropin Amenorrhea Diminished libido Loss[]

  • Pituitary Apoplexy

    […] of libido , infertility , testicular atrophy , loss of facial, axillary and/or pubic hair , gynecomastia TSH deficiency : weight gain, cold intolerance, lethargy, constipation[] , dry skin (see hypothyroidism ) ACTH deficiency : weight loss, weakness , hypotension , chronic hyponatremia , hypoglycemia (see adrenal insufficiency ) Central diabetes[] […] asymptomatic FSH / LH deficiency Females: primary amenorrhea ( delayed puberty ), secondary amenorrhea , irregular menstrual cycles, infertility Males: delayed puberty , loss[]

  • Thallium Poisoning

    The hair loss primarily affects the scalp, temporal parts of the eyebrows, the eyelashes, and the limbs. Less often, the axillary regions are affected.[] Hair loss due to atrophy of the hair follicles primarily affects the scalp, temporal parts of the eyebrows, the eyelashes, and the limbs.[] loss quickly progresses to diffuse alopecia.[]

  • Pituitary Disorder

    Signs of chronic pituitary insufficiency include: Hypogonadism Sparse axillary and pubic hair Loss of sexual function Cessation of mentrual cycle in women Erectile dyfunction[]

  • Male Hypogonadism

    […] distribution, including facial, pubic, chest, axillary hair; laryngeal enlargement; vocal chord thickening; alterations in body musculature; fat distribution) Osteoporosis[] […] of scalp hair, and growth of facial, chest, leg, and axillary hair.[] […] energy Mood depression Regression of secondary sexual characteristics (growth and maturation of prostate , seminal vesicles , penis, and scrotum ; the development of male hair[]

  • Portal Cirrhosis

    axillary hair may also be present.[] Limited thoracic expansion caused by hepatomegaly or ascites and endocrine changes such as menstrual irregularities, testicular atrophy, gynecomastia, and loss of chest and[]

  • Alopecia Universalis

    […] of hair involving entire scalp and body including eyebrows, eyelashes, axillary, and pubic regions.[] […] dominant or X-linked recessive inheritance have also been reported. [3] Patients with an autosomal recessive disorder who have congenital alopecia manifests as complete loss[]

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