42 Possible Causes for Loss of Initiative in USA

  • Addison's Disease
    Loss of Initiative
  • Dementia

    Loss of Initiative It's normal to tire of housework, business activities, or social obligations, but most people regain their initiative. … Loss of initiative - showing less interest in starting something or going somewhere.[1] [2]

  • Weight Loss

    Everything you want in a weight loss program Initial weight assessment Our nurse practitioner will perform a thorough assessment and evaluation and create a personalized weight[3]

  • Alcohol Dementia

    Loss of initiative It is normal for people to tire of housework, business activities or social obligations.[4]

  • Sudden Hearing Loss

    Many patients with sudden hearing loss are initially given another diagnosis, such as ear infection or wax impaction, and so the true nature of their problem may not be recognized … A typical hearing test (audiogram) of a person with noise induced hearing loss will initially show only a high frequency loss at 4000 Hz.[5] [6]

  • Temporal Lobe Tumor

    Changes in judgment, including loss of initiative, sluggishness, and muscle weakness or paralysis is associated with a tumor in the frontal lobe of the cerebrum. … When such changes occur they may take the form of lapses of memory or absentmindedness, mental sluggishness, or loss of initiative. tumor [ too mor ] 1. swelling or morbid[7] [8]

  • Reactive Depression

    depression: When a person loses a loved one, when a marriage breaks down, when there is financial loss, for a few weeks or even a few months a person could be feel low, show a loss … of initiative and little interest in his daily routine.[9]

  • Postpartum Period

    If fever is present after that, notify clinician. 7) Weight Loss (a) Initial loss can be 10 to 12 lbs. after birth.[10]

  • Trichinellosis

    Complications [ 1 ] Long-term sequelae of the central nervous system, eg decreased mental power, numbness of hands and feet, decreased stress tolerance, loss of initiative[11]

  • Brain Contusion

    fatigability 39 % increased need for sleep 36 % irritability 34 % of inertia 31% concentration 30 % sensitivity for crowds 27. 5 % dizziness 26 % sensitivity to noise 25.5% loss … of initiative 25.5 % headache 21 % easily overwhelmed by emotions 21 % inability to do two things at once 19 % depressed mood POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER / PTSD Posttraumatic[12]

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