11 Possible Causes for Loss of Lumbar Lordosis in USA

  • Ochronosis with Alkaptonuria
    Loss of Lumbar Lordosis
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis
    Loss of Lumbar Lordosis

    In the advanced stages, patients develop loss of lumbar lordosis, buttock atrophy, and an exaggerated thoracic kyphosis with a stooped forward neck sometimes referred to as[1]

  • Spinal Stenosis
    Loss of Lumbar Lordosis
  • Kyphoscoliosis

    Extent of pelvic retroversion, in an attempt to compensate for loss of lumbar lordosis, can be seen on the PA view of the pelvis (champagne glass pelvis—see below in Figure … Figure 6 Most importantly, the lateral clinical photo reveals loss of lumbar lordosis, loss of the normal buttock contour, and need to bend the knees in order to maintain[2]

  • Spondylitis

    In late stages, the patient has accentuated kyphosis, loss of lumbar lordosis, and fixed bent-forward posturing, with compromised pulmonary function and inability to lie flat[3]

  • Seronegative Arthritis

    There is loss of lumbar lordosis and the Schober's exam is 10 to 13 cm on full flexion (normal is 15 cm on full flexion).[4]

  • Spinal Tuberculosis

    In the early stage, plane X Rays are normal or show loss of lumbar lordosis.[5]

  • Lumbar Osteoarthritis

    . • Assess for deformity: scoliosis, kyphosis, loss of lumbar lordosis or hyperlordosis of the lumbar spine.[6]

  • Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

    Other positive findings include loss of lumbar lordosis and forward-flexed gait. [7] Fig. 3: Achilles tendon reflexes [2] Fig. 4: Lumbar extension loading test [3] Fig. 5:[7]

  • Lumbar Spondylosis

    . • Assess for deformity: scoliosis, kyphosis, loss of lumbar lordosis or hyperlordosis of the lumbar spine.[8]

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