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68 Possible Causes for Loss of Motor Skills, Muscle Swelling, Rhabdomyolysis

  • Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

    […] of motor skills development fatigue rapidly worsening weakness in the legs, pelvis, arms, and neck DMD is a genetic disease.[] […] of the feet due to a weakening of the heart muscle Problem breathing due to a weakening of the respiratory muscles Gradual worsening of muscle weakness Progressive difficulty[] DMD is usually a challenge for the anaesthesiologist, with poor cardiac function, a high risk of developing rhabdomyolysis, and the probable life-threatening complications[]

  • Tropical Myositis

    Affected infants lose motor skills such as turning over, sitting, and crawling. They also develop an exaggerated startle reaction to loud noises.[] 21 days Fluctuant swelling in the muscle High-grade fever Severely ill Septicemia Leucocytosis Needle aspiration yields pus Clinical Presentation In the invasive stage, the[] DIAGNOSIS Tropical pyomyositis Rhabdomyolysis AKI HIV 13. Inj.Cloxacillin Clindamycin 14.[]

  • Chronic Alcoholism

    skills, or slurred speech.[] Damage to the heart muscle can lead to heart failure – when your heart can no longer pump blood around your body normally.[] Of five chronic alcoholics with acute skeletal muscle necrosis (rhabdomyolysis) three developed acute heart failure with disturbances of rhythm and conduction.[]

  • Glutaric Aciduria

    If unrecognized and untreated with a special diet, these episodes can progress to cause spastic and jerking muscle movements, seizures, swelling and bleeding of the brain,[] […] of motor skills and convulsions resulting in bilateral striatal injury with severe secondary dystonia and occasionally subdural and retinal hemorrhage.[] KEYWORDS: glutaric aciduria type II; multiple acyl Co-A dehydrogenase deficiency; myopathy; rhabdomyolysis[]

  • Long Chain Hydroxyacyl-CoA Dehydrogenase Deficiency

    Babies and children who are not treated may have: poor weight gain delays in learning delays in walking and other motor skills enlarged liver and other liver problems enlarged[] Interestingly, an increase in mitochondrial number, mitochondrial swelling, and irregular mitochondrial cristae have been seen in the skeletal muscle cells of four of seven[] These long chain defects have variable presentations, they may present in the neonate or infant with sudden death, hepatopathy (Reyes disease), hypoketotic hypoglycaemia, rhabdomyolysis[]

  • Leigh's Disease

    […] movements Dementia – a deficit in intellectual ability Ocular: Retinitis Pigmentosa – a group of diseases characterized by Swelling of cells in the retina Vision loss in[] The symptoms of the disease usually progress at a rapid rate, with the earliest signs potentially being poor sucking ability and a loss of motor skills and head control.[] […] are a few reports regarding the use of succinylcholine in patients with Leigh disease, we would suggest that succinylcholine be avoided because of the potential risks of rhabdomyolysis[]

  • Neuropathy

    , or muscle weakness in different parts of the body.[] MS has been ruled out and I have neuropathy from elbows to hands, loss of fine motor skills and walk unsteadily. I have weakness and loss of muscle in hands.[] Abstract The objective is to evaluate the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings in rhabdomyolysis in detail and determine their correlation with the development of peripheral[]

  • Proximal Myopathy with Extrapyramidal Signs

    This new rare disorder is characterized by normal early development followed by a progressive loss of mental and motor skills.[] […] beliefs that cannot be change by facts hostility inability to have or keep an erection indigestion irregular, fast or slow, or shallow breathing irritability itching joint or muscle[] For example, rhabdomyolysis (acute muscle breakdown) can lead to kidney problems by causing a protein called myoglobin to leak from ruptured muscle cells into the urine.[]

  • Episodic Mitochondrial Myopathy - Optic Atrophy - Reversible Leukoencephalopathy

    The gradual cumulative effects of these episodes often result in variable combinations of loss of motor skills (speech, movement, and eating), impaired sensation (vision loss[] These are summarized in Table S1, including information about the muscle biopsied, subject ages, clinical phenotype, and genetic diagnosis where available.[] Rhabdomyolysis was diagnosed and the patient was admitted for intravenous fluid hydration.[]

  • Becker Muscular Dystrophy

    Muscle contractures and scoliosis, an abnormal curvature of the spine, are also commonly seen.[] GENE INCLUDED: DMD INDICATIONS FOR TESTING: Developmental delay Gross motor delay or loss of motor skills Low muscle tone Calf hypertrophy Abnormal gait Dilated cardiomyopathy[] One patient with undiagnosed BMD received succinylcholine and developed acute rhabdomyolysis and hyperkalemic cardiac arrest.[]

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