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1,173 Possible Causes for Loss of Myelin

  • Hereditary Sensory Neuropathy

    […] root ganglion cells and loss of myelinated fibres in both peripheral nerves and posterior columns of the spinal cord.[] Sural nerve biopsies showed a severe loss of myelinated fibres and case 3 had evidence of denervation on muscle biopsy.[] The morphological finding of marked fascicular atrophy, a profound loss of myelinated fibres and a relative preservation of unmyelinated fibres are typical of those previously[]

  • Demyelinating Disease

    […] and infarct and demyelinating lesions have loss of myelin and show foamy macrophages phagocytizing the debris.[] Demyelinating diseases consists of a group of disorders characterized by the loss of myelin with relative axonal sparing.[] Longer standing lesions are characterized by a total loss of myelin and oligodendrocytes, an intense astrogliosis, variable degrees of axonal loss, and a scant residual infiltrate[]

  • Spinal Demyelination

    The spinal cord lesions showed obvious loss of myelinated nerve fibers and fibrillary gliosis with minimal inflammatory cell infiltration.[] Diseases that are characterized by this loss of myelin are referred to as demyelinating diseases.[] Myelin stains show complete loss of myelin or pallor of myelin staining.[]

  • Vitamin B12 Deficiency

    Often the cross-sectional area of the spinal cord is reduced due to tissue loss and glial scarring.[] Microscopic findings-The earliest change seen in the spinal cord is swelling of the myelin sheaths often to many times the original diameter.[]

  • Anemia

    A biopsy of the anterior tibial nerve recorded loss of myelin sheath and no loss of axons (Greenfield, 1934).[] […] leading to complete destruction of the myelin sheath and later to degeneration and loss of axons and gliosis.[] A sural biopsy revealed loss of myelinated fibers and no demyelination in teased fibers, indicating secondary demyelination (McCombe, 1984).[]

  • Polyneuropathy

    People with distal axonopathies usually present with sensorimotor disturbances such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Myelinopathy, is due to a loss of myelin or of the Schwann[] Myelinopathy develops as a result of loss of myelin sheath. Neuronopathy occurs due to destruction of peripheral nervous system.[] See also neuropathy. acute idiopathic polyneuropathy distal polyneuropathy of Birman cats a noninflammatory, diffuse loss of myelinated fibers in the distal portions of the[]

  • Alcohol Abuse

    Excessive alcohol use causes neuroinflammation and leads to myelin disruptions and white matter loss.[]

  • Acne Vulgaris

    Google Scholar 25 Convelo Therapeutics to develop new regenerative medicines for neurological disease characterized by loss of myelin.[] In addition to multiple sclerosis, myelin loss or dysfunction is involved in several rare childhood neurological diseases and in spinal cord injury, stroke and traumatic brain[]

  • Globoid Cell Leukodystrophy

    In the absence of GALC, progressive loss of myelin and accumulation of a neurotoxic substrate lead to incapacitating loss of motor and cognitive function and death, typically[] Then, thirty years ago a hypothesis was introduced to explain the pathogenetic mechanism underlying the rapid and complete loss of myelin and myelinating cells.[] […] dys·tro·phy [MIM*245200] a metabolic disorder of infancy or early childhood characterized by spasticity, seizures, and rapidly progressive cerebral degeneration, massive loss[]

  • Neuropathy

    The specimen showed mild epineurial perivascular chronic inflammation with marked loss of myelinated axons.[] Sural nerve biopsy specimen showed moderate loss of myelinated fibers with amyloid deposits within the nerve fascicle.[] Optic neuritis is inflammation of the optic nerve , caused by damage to and loss of the protective sheath ( myelin ) surrounding this nerve that is so vital for good vision[]

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