3,511 Possible Causes for Loss of Peripheral Vision

  • Usher Syndrome Type I

    Retinitis pigmentosa is characterized by night vision loss followed by blind spots that affect the peripheral vision.[verywell.com] In most cases there is still peripheral (side) vision.[us.optelec.com] RP typically advances to include progressive peripheral field loss .[familyconnect.org]

  • Retinitis Pigmentosa

    RP is characterised by the progressive loss of photoreceptor cells and peripheral vision and is associated with night-vision difficulties.[bionicvision.org.au] This is often called ‘night blindness’ Loss of peripheral vision if you look straight ahead you’ll be less able to see things to the side, above or below.[rnib.org.uk] Progressive loss of peripheral vision may eventually limit/eliminate vision.[aapos.org]

  • Glaucoma

    You may not notice any difference in your vision because glaucoma affects your peripheral vision (also known as your side vision) first.[rnib.org.uk] As open-angle glaucoma progresses, symptoms may include loss of peripheral vision and difficulty adjusting to low light.[betterhealth.vic.gov.au] Visual-field testing is the best way to find early signs of loss of peripheral vision.[drugs.com]

  • Retinitis Pigmentosa 41

    It is made up of 25 questions that address 12 aspects of daily living: general health, general vision, near vision, distance vision, driving, peripheral vision, color vision[karger.com] As rods are most densely found in the midperipheral retina, cell loss in this area tends to lead to peripheral vision loss and night vision loss.[juliettefoundation.org] As their condition progresses, they lose their far peripheral visual field and eventually central vision as well.[uniprot.org]

  • Cone Rod Dystrophy 10

    Patients initially lose their color vision, followed by progressive loss of peripheral vision.[gofundme.com] Cone-rod dystrophy is a group of related eye disorders that causes vision loss, which becomes more severe over time.[ncbi.nlm.nih.gov] An initial loss of color vision and of visual acuity is followed by nyctalopia (night blindness) and loss of peripheral visual fields.[blindness.org]

  • Craniopharyngioma

    This test measures both central vision (how much a person can see when looking straight ahead) and peripheral vision (how much a person can see in all other directions while[texaschildrens.org] Symptoms include sudden onset of a severe headache and vision changes, including vision loss, double vision, or drooping of an eyelid.[mayfieldclinic.com] Hearing loss.[cancer.gov]

  • Pituitary Adenoma

    This evaluation should include acuity (vision quality) testing of each eye and formal visual field testing to determine if there is loss of peripheral vision.[pacificneuroscienceinstitute.org] […] such as double vision, visual field loss (loss of peripheral vision), drooping eyelids or changes in color vision Headache Lack of energy Nasal drainage of clear fluid Nausea[mountsinai.org] This pressure can lead to loss of peripheral vision.[pituitary.mgh.harvard.edu]

  • Mercury Poisoning

    […] fingertips Reduced peripheral vision Loss of coordination Muscle weakness Possible impairments in speech and hearing Affected children may develop red cheeks, nose and lips[medicalnewstoday.com] Other symptoms include: peripheral vision impairment, stinging or needle-like sensations in the extremities and mouth, loss of coordination, muscle weakness, and other impairments[emedicinehealth.com] The signs and symptoms of mercury poisoning caused by eating too many contaminated foods may include: Peripheral neuropathy - tingling, itching, pins-and-needles on toes and[medicalnewstoday.com]

  • Pituitary Neoplasm

    Neurological Symptoms headaches double vision loss of peripheral vision leading to blindness facial pain or numbness Hypopituitarism lack of energy weight loss, nausea, vomiting[sd-neurosurgeon.com] Loss of peripheral vision may occur first and be undetected.[houstonmethodist.org] […] or double vision; or loss of peripheral vision) Symptoms of hypogonadism, hypothyroidism or adrenal insufficiency (if the tumor pushes on the pituitary gland, causing decreased[rush.edu]

  • Chiasmal Syndrome

    Types of visual field loss include [ 3 ] : Central or peripheral Loss may be central/foveal (eg, an optic disc or nerve problem) or peripheral (along the visual pathways from[patient.info] Progressive painless loss of peripheral field or central acuity (symmetric or asymmetric) may go unnoticed by many children as well as by some adults.[medtextfree.wordpress.com] Below is the basic visual pathway: Loss of 1/2 field of vision: Hemianopia Loss of field of vision in both eyes: Homonymous or Heteronymous Homonymous: Bilaterally involving[epomedicine.com]

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