Possible Causes for Loss of Vision in USA

  • Cortical Blindness
    Loss of Vision

    Cortical blindness encompasses loss of vision, which is generally severe but may be of various degrees in some occasions. […] Cortical blindness (CB) is the loss of vision caused by damage to the brain, rather than the eyes themselves. […] The Anton-Babinski syndrome involves total loss of vision, accompanied by the patient's unawareness that they can no longer see.[1]

  • Optic Neuropathy
    Loss of Vision

    This condition causes loss of vision. […] The loss of vision may occur at rapid onset or take a few days.  […] Optic neuropathy refers to the loss of vision secondary to injury of the optic nerve.[2]

  • Central Retinal Artery Occlusion
    Loss of Vision

    Some patients report having experienced periods of transient loss of vision, a condition referred to as amaurosis fugax. […] The fact that most CRAO patients claim complete or almost entire loss of vision argues for rather proximal occlusion of the central retinal artery.[3]

  • Transient Ischemic Attack
    Loss of Vision

    Frequently symptoms include: Temporary loss of vision Aphasia Hemiparesis Paresthesia Impaired level of consciousness or disorientation Dizziness Lack of coordination or poor […] The symptoms of transient ischemic attack include: Temporary loss of vision Difficulty speaking Weakness on one side of the body Numbness or tingling  Impaired level of consciousness[4]

  • Glaucoma
    Loss of Vision Central Scotoma Loss of Peripheral Vision Night Blindness

    The worst complication of this procedure includes loss of vision.[5]

  • Retinal Detachment
    Loss of Vision

    However, permanent loss of vision can be prevented by taking note of the main signs of a detached retina which include bright flashes of light, sudden increase in floaters[6]

  • Optic Neuritis
    Loss of Vision

    It is most often associated with multiple sclerosis, and it may lead to complete or partial loss of vision in one or both eyes. […] Major symptoms are sudden loss of vision (partial or complete), sudden blurred or "foggy" vision, and pain on movement of the affected eye. […] Inflammation of the optic nerve causes loss of vision, usually because of the swelling and destruction of the myelin sheath covering the optic nerve.[7]

  • Endophthalmitis
    Loss of Vision

    It is a possible complication of all intraocular surgeries, particularly cataract surgery, with possible loss of vision and the eye itself. […] Endophthalmitis is usually accompanied by severe pain, loss of vision, and redness of the conjunctiva and the underlying episclera.[8]

  • Retinitis Pigmentosa
    Loss of Vision Loss of Peripheral Vision Night Blindness

    Loss of vision is a gradual process in individuals with retinitis pigmentosa. […] Definition: Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) is a degenerative form of eye disease which causes gradual loss of vision due to damage to the retina.[9]

  • Macular Degeneration
    Loss of Vision Central Scotoma

    Such a type of condition, however, in rare cases, causes complete loss of vision. […] Definition Macular degeneration is a chronic eye disorder, characterized by central loss of vision, due to damage to the retina.[10]

Loss of Vision

Blindness is the absence or severe loss of vision.

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