712 Possible Causes for Loss of Vision in USA

  • Loss of Vision

    Ocular Symptoms and Conditions: Loss of Vision A loss of vision can be a frightening experience, and all people with a sudden loss of vision should be seen by an ophthalmologist … About 1/3 stay the same with some loss of vision, and 1/3 of cases worsen and develop more severe loss of vision. … Usually this is painless, and the loss of vision is severe.[1]

  • Retinitis Pigmentosa
    Loss of Vision

    of vision. … of vision. … definitions for retinitis pigmentosa noun 1. a degenerative hereditary disease of the human eye, characterized by pigmentary changes in the retina, night blindness, and eventual loss[2]

  • Lattice Corneal Dystrophy Type 1
    Loss of Vision
  • Choroid Disease
    Loss of Vision
  • Choroid Hemorrhage
    Loss of Vision
  • Late Congenital Syphilis
    Loss of Vision
  • CINCA Syndrome
    Loss of Vision

    Additional symptoms include optic nerve damage and potential loss of vision, hearing impairment, chronic anterior uveitis and fever. … of vision – 25% of adults have major visual impairment including blindness retinal vasculitis – rare Physical appearance Prominent forehead Flattening of the nasal bridge … incidence of eye problems increases with age average age of onset 4.5 years uveitis ( anterior 50%, posterior 20%) conjunctivitis papillitis optic atrophy can result in loss[3] [4]

  • Eales Disease
    Loss of Vision
  • Winchester Syndrome
    Loss of Vision
  • Uveomeningoencephalitic Syndrome
    Loss of Vision

    Symptoms The most noticeable symptom is a rapid loss of vision. … A systemic inflammatory disease with probable immunogenetic predisposition that affects the eye (panuveitis) leading to rapid loss of vision. … The second phase constitutes ophthalmic and auditory involvement leading to gradual loss of vision. 1 No history of meningeal involvement was elicited in this case, therefore[5] [6] [7]

Loss of Vision

Blindness is the absence or severe loss of vision.

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