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162 Possible Causes for Low Back Pain, Mixed Connective Tissue Disease

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

    […] diffuse connective tissue disease (UCTD/MCTD).[] back pain and AS) (doses of drugs varied).[] connective tissue disease in which clinical and radiologic appearances are not typical of one particular disease.[]

  • Kidney Disease

    Vormann J, Goedecke T (2001) Supplementation with alkaline minerals reduces symptoms in patients with chronic low back pain.[]

  • Arthritis

    , dermatomyositis , Sjögren's syndrome, vasculitis , scleroderma , mixed connective tissue disease , sarcoidosis , Lyme disease , osteomyelitis , osteoarthritis, back pain[] Spinal arthritis causes stiffness and low back pain.[] , dermatomyositis, Sjögren's syndrome, vasculitis, scleroderma, mixed connective tissue disease, sarcoidosis, Lyme disease, osteomyelitis, osteoarthritis, back pain, gout,[]

  • Meningitis

    Bernstein RF Ibuprofen-related meningitis in mixed connective tissue disease. Ann Intern Med. 1980;92206 Google Scholar Crossref 5.[] Herein, we report a 62-year-old man with a 4-wk history of progressive low back pain with radiation to bilateral lower legs, dysphagia and body weight loss.[] Hoffman MGray RG Ibuprofen-induced meningitis in mixed connective tissue disease. Clin Rheumatol. 1982;1128- 130 Google Scholar Crossref 26.[]

  • Subacute Transverse Myelitis

    TM can occur as part of a systemic autoimmune inflammatory disease (mixed connective tissue disease, systemic sclerosis, systemic lupus erythematosus, sarcoidosis, Sjögren[] […] primary presenting symptom's ½ patients experience this- it is localized in the low back, constant -sharp shoot -radiating pain Describe how the classic sign of Bowel and[] Transverse myelitis in mixed connective tissue disease . Arthritis Rheum 1978 ; 21 ( 8 ): 982 – 986 . 16. Merine , D , Wang , H , Kumar , A.[]

  • Ankylosing Spondylitis

    , chronic M Marchiafava-Micheli syndrome (paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria) Ménière’s disease Microscopic polyangiitis (microscopic polyarteritis) Mixed connective tissue[] […] take into account a physician's ability to diagnose the root cause of low back pain.[] Marie-Strumpell arthritis Inflammation of intervertebral joints of lower back gradually leading to curvature and then stiffening of the spine Mixed connective tissue disease[]

  • Pyogenic Arthritis of the Sacroiliac Joint

    tissue disease Diabetes Sarcoidosis Human bite or tick bite Fracture Central line placement Indwelling catheter Immunocompromised condition Chronic joint damage (RA, OA)[] Springer Inflammatory low back pain: high negative predictive value of contrast-enhanced color Doppler ultrasound in the detection of inflamed sacroiliac joints Nota: Sección[] Sciatica may be felt as a sharp or burning pain that radiates from the hip. It may also be accompanied by low back pain. • Scoliosis.[]

  • Trigeminal Neuropathy

    Trigeminal neuropathy occurred most frequently in young women with PSS in overlap with other disorders, particularly the mixed connective tissue disease syndrome with clinical[] Back Pain / Sciatica Migraines / Headaches Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Neck Pain Neurological Neuropathy Post Trauma Pregnancy Ribs Scoliosis Shoulder & Neck Pain Sports Enhancement[] tissue and inflammatory disease. (13, 14-19) Undifferentiated and mixed connective tissue diseases are most commonly associated with TNO, followed by scleroderma. (15) Infectious[]

  • Vasculitis

    Symptoms of PMR are systemic and characterized by pain in the shoulders, hips, and back that's usually present in the morning.[] Headaches are often present along with low-grade fever, malaise, and weight loss.[]

  • Myocarditis

    Autoimmune diseases that are associated with myocarditis include Whipple’s disease, celiac disease, systemic lupus erythematosus, mixed connective tissue disease, systemic[] […] have perplexing side effects," 6 Mar. 2018 Signs of these problems may include changes in eyesight, severe or persistent muscle or joint pains, severe muscle weakness, or low[] Myocarditis associated with connective tissue disease has been reported in systemic lupus erythematosus, mixed connective tissue disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and other conditions[]

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