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706 Possible Causes for Low Hairline

  • Alpha-Mannosidosis

    […] findings: Cognitive and motor developmental delay, or intellectual disability; hepatosplenomegaly (enlargement of the liver and spleen), large head, protruding forehead, low[] Facial features may include a large head, prominent forehead, low hairline, rounded eyebrows, big ears, flattened bridge of the nose, protruding jaw, widely spaced teeth,[] hairline, rounded eyebrows, large ears, flattened bridge of the nose, protruding jaw, widely spaced teeth, overgrown gums, large tongue, cataracts, vertebral anomalies, long[]

  • Cerebro-Facio-Thoracic Dysplasia

    hairline (especially posteriorly in the midline on the neck), brachycephaly, calcified clinoid ligements, and multiple bony abnormalities in the upper thoracic vertebrae[] MorphologicalEpicanthus 2 2 2 2Hypertelorism Broad short nose Short neck Low-set, posteriorlyangulated ears Synophrys 2 2 Flat face Low hairline 2 Narrow forehead ? ?[] hairline (especially posteriorly in the midline on the neck), brachycephaly, calcified clinoid ligaments, and multiple bony abnormalities in the upper thoracic vertebrae[]

  • Chylothorax

    […] set ears, arched palate, micrognathia, short neck with low hairline.[] […] posterior hairline [ 3 ].[] The facial features in neonates consists of a broad and high forehead, hypertelorism, epicanthal folds, low-set posteriorly rotated ears, micrognathia, short neck and low[]

  • Anotia

    Furthermore, the auricle reconstruction for anotia complicated with low hairline was believed even more impossible.[] Total anotia is rare; there is no ear structure whatsoever, and a very low hairline.[] Anotia means absence of ear Most severe form of microtia Low-set hairline very common Ear smaller than normal Many normal features preserved Can occur with or without an ear[]

  • Pentasomy X

    The patient had a characteristic round face, a low hairline, hypertelorism, epicanthus, a long philtrum, high-arched palate, short and webbed neck, small hands and feet, clinodactyly[] Characteristic craniofacial malformations may include upslanting eyelid folds, a flat nasal bridge, malformed ears, a short neck with a low hairline.[] She had epicanthal folds, long philtrum, high-arched palate, facial asymmetry, short webbed neck, low posterior hairline, mild scoliosis, cubitus valgus, mental retardation[]

  • Immuno-Osseous Dysplasia

    The patients have a triangular face, broad nasal bridge, bulbous nose tip, small palpebral fissures, short neck, long upper lip, and low hairline.[] hairline.[] […] short stature with short neck and trunk, peculiar clinical phenotype: triangular face, broad nasal bridge, bulbous nasal tip, small palpebral fissures, long upper lip and low[]

  • Biotinidase Deficiency

    Physical signs and symptoms of CH include: Being short or small Dry hair that breaks easily, or a low hairline Goiter.[]

  • Chromosome 6 Ring Syndrome

    […] posterior hairline Low hairline at back of neck 0002162 Macrotia Large ears 0000400 Microcephaly Abnormally small skull Decreased circumference of cranium Decreased size[] […] inversion (Prasher VP et al. 1995) [ edit ] Limited communication skills Persistent self injury Poor mobility Colobomata (common in cat eye syndrome) Prominent forehead Low[] Showing of 11 80%-99% of people have these symptoms Epicanthus Eye folds Prominent eye folds [ more ] 0000286 Hypertelorism Wide-set eyes Widely spaced eyes [ more ] 0000316 Low[]

  • Scott Bryant Graham Syndrome

    * Skull anomalies * Finger anomalies * Toe anomalies * Webbed 2nd and 3rd toes * Delayed somatic deveolpment * Short head * Small nose * Narrow nose * Thick scalp hair * Low[] hairline around face * Long eyelashes * Thick eyebrows * Short jaw * Webbed fingers * Unusual dermatoglyphic pattern on hands * Short stature Causes - Scott Bryant Graham[]

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis 2

    hairline, webbed neck, and limited cervical spine range of motion ML 2 Select Answer to see Preferred Response PREFERRED RESPONSE 5 (OBQ09.23) Atlantoaxial instability due[] Subscribers only (OBQ07.52) Morquio's syndrome is associated with all of the following anomalies EXCEPT: Review Topic QID: 713 1 Accumulation of keratan sulfate 5 Triad of low[]

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