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    1,344 Possible Causes for Low Set Ears in USA

    • Autosomal-Recessive Robinow Syndrome
      Low-Set Ears (45%)

      set ears / posteriorly rotated ears - Macrocephaly / macrocrania / megalocephaly / megacephaly - Micrognathia / retrognathia / micrognathism / retrognathism - Pectus excavatum[] […] fissures - Frontal bossing / prominent forehead - Hearing loss / hypoacusia / deafness - Kyphosis - Long philtrum - Long / thick / curved lashes / trichomegaly / polytrichia - Low[] The dysmorphic face was characterized by low set ears, flat-saddle nose, hypertelorism , elevated tip of nose and fish mouth ( Figure 1 ).[]

    • Homocystinuria
      Low Set Ears
    • Mandibulofacial Dysostosis
      Low Set Ears

      Examination of the infant may reveal a variety of problems, including: Abnormal eye shape Flat cheekbones Clefts in the face Small jaw Low-set ears Abnormally formed ears[] The common features are macrostomia, low-set ears and ear defects, high-arched palate, nasal deformity, teeth malocclusion, open bite and conductive hearing loss .[]

    • Trisomy 18
      Low Set Ears

      Babies born with trisomy 18 can have heart and kidney problems, a small head with low-set ears, a chest with an unusual shape, and crossed legs.[] Symptoms Clenched hands Crossed legs Feet with a rounded bottom (rocker-bottom feet) Low birth weight Low-set ears Mental delay Poorly developed fingernails Small head ( microcephaly[] Symptoms Symptoms may include: Clenched hands Crossed legs Feet with a rounded bottom (rocker-bottom feet) Low birth weight Low-set ears Mental delay Poorly developed fingernails[]

    • Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome
      Low Set Ears

      Symptoms Low-set ears and pinna abnormalities Low-set ears and pinna abnormalities refer to an abnormal shape or position of the outer ear (pinna or auricle).[] […] may include: Absent or extra kidney, and other problems with kidney or bladder An underdeveloped bone in the midface Unsteady or stiff walking gait Downward-slanted eyes Low-set[] ears or malformed ears Drooping eyelid ( ptosis ) Cataracts Coloboma (a defect in the iris of the eye) Extra fingers (polydactyly) Macrocephaly (excessively large head) or[]

    • Down Syndrome
      Low Set Ears

      Some common physical signs of the disorder include a small head, flattened face, short neck, up-slanted eyes, low-set ears, enlarged tongue and lips, and sloping underchin[]

    • Hallermann Syndrome
      Low Set Ears

      […] lower lip vermilion - Fine hair - Generalized tonic-clonic seizures - Hyperactivity - Hyperlordosis - Hypotrichosis of the scalp - Iris coloboma - Joint hypermobility - Low-set[] ears - Metaphyseal widening - Narrow nose - Obstructive sleep apnea - Optic nerve coloboma - Parietal bossing - Pectus excavatum - Platybasia - Pulmonary arterial hypertension[] It is characterized by early closure of the sutures between the skull bones, bulging eyes, low-set ears, fusion of the second, third, and forth fingers, and fusion of the[]

    • Turner Syndrome
      Low Set Ears

      ears.[] ears were reported.[] Female, 28 months old, with pathological short stature from birth, with the following dysmorphic features: tilted upward palpebral fissures, short neck, brachycephaly, and low-set[]

    • Velocardiofacial Syndrome
      Low Set Ears

      ears.[] […] syndrome are as follows: Abnormalities of the palate like cleft palate Characteristic facial features like a narrow groove of the upper lip, wide-set eyes, hypertelorism or low-set[] Long face with prominent upper jaw Underdeveloped lower jaw Low set ears Prominent nose with narrow nasal passages Thin upper lip with a down-slanted mouth Multiple abnormalities[]

    • CHARGE Syndrome
      Low Set Ears

      Ear abnormalities and deafness – most children with CHARGE syndrome have some level of hearing impairment, varying from mild to profound, along with underdeveloped or low-set[] ears.[] The most common external ear anomalies include low-set ears, asymmetric ears, or small or absent ear lobes.[]

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