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145 Possible Causes for Low Set Thumbs

  • Mobius Syndrome

    PURPOSE: Möbius syndrome is characterized by abducens and facial nerve palsy. However, the presence/absence of corresponding cranial nerves on MRI was not fully evaluated. The purpose of this study was to investigate the mechanism of Möbius syndrome by associating the presence of abducens and facial nerves on[…][]

  • Psychomotor Retardation

    Limbs Abnormal dermathoglyphic Low set thumb Overlapping fingers Polydactily Radial hypoplasia Rocker bottom feet 25. Fragile X Synd.[] Head & neck High nasal bridge Hyper/hypo telorism Microphtalmia Mongoloid slant Occipital skull defect Small mandible Small or fish mouth(hard to open) Small or low set ears[]

  • Waisman Syndrome

    The eyes show an antimongoloid slant, the ears are low set and the neck is short.[] Usually the thumb is placed proxi- mally and clinodactyly of the little finger and a single palmar crease are often seen.[]

  • Patau Syndrome

    Cutis aplasia (missing portion of the skin/hair) Prominent heel Microcephaly Low-set ears Cleft palate or hare lip Collection Procedure • Amniotic fluid Discard the first[] […] defects cleft lip and/or palate meningomyelocele (a spinal defect; see entry Spina Bifida ) omphalocele (abdominal defect; see entry Abdominal Exstrophies ) abnormal genitalia low-set[] […] loss, and optic nerve hypoplasia Meningomyelocele (a spinal defect) Musculoskeletal and cutaneous Polydactyly (extra digits) Cyclopia Proboscis Congenital trigger digits Low-set[]

  • Testicular Torsion

    […] workers in low resource settings.[] […] of testicular torsion or ochitis by low cadre health workers in the community for low resource settings.[] This paper supports the development of educational interventions that promote the use of age in a simple diagnostic rule of the thumb for communities and lower cadre health[]

  • Arthrogryposis-Renal Dysfunction-Cholestasis Syndrome

    set ears, flattened nasal bridge, up-slanting palpebral fissures, simian crease, high arched palate, beaked nose, small anterior fontanel, lax skin, low implantation of the[] thumb, and crypt orchi dism. 8 A congenital platelet defect similar to the gray platelet syndrome should be suspected in infants and children presenting with a diagnosis[] […] the ichthyosiform phenotype. 1 Variable dysmorphic features have been described in association with this syndrome including prominent occiput, posteriorly angulated and low[]

  • Autosomal Dominant Prognathism

    Clinical features: flattened face with maxillary hypoplasia relative mandibular prognathism low set ears hypertelorism depressed nasal bridge high arched palate Short broad[] thumbs which are often malformed syndactyly of soft tissue of digits. 64.[]

  • Skeletal Dysplasia

    set ears Better vertebrae ossification, uniformed ossified fibula, metacarpals and phalanges FLNB AD Boomerang dysplasia (# 112310) Hypertelorism, flat nose, hypoplastic[] […] short ribs, dysplastic vertebrae, bifid humerus, glenoid hypoplasia SLC26A2 AR Atelosteogenesis type III (# 108721) Polydactyly, narrow auditory conduit, hydrocephalus, low[] […] phalangeal ossification FLNB AD Atelosteogenesis type II (# 256050) Hypertelorism, flat nose, cleft palate, short neck, “sandal” gap between 1 and 2 toes, ulnar deviation of the thumbs[]

  • Hydroureter

    Ears may be low set, anteverted, posteriorly rotated, simple, cup shaped, or abnormally modeled. Hearing loss has been observed.[] Duplicated thumbs, syndactyly, clinodactyly, camptodactyly, and microcephaly are common, as are narrow/sloping shoulders, underdeveloped clavicles, kyphoscoliosis, exaggerated[]

  • Craniosynostosis-Dandy-Walker Malformation-Hydrocephalus Syndrome

    Children with Ruvalcaba syndrome also have skeletal malformations such as abnormally short arms and legs (limbs); prominent elbows; low-set thumbs; fifth fingers that are[]

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