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41 Possible Causes for Low to Moderate Myopia

  • Hay Fever

    The primary predictor variable, refractive error, was classified as emmetropia (-0.99 to 0.99 diopters [D]), low myopia (-1.00 to -2.99 D), moderate myopia (-3.00 to -5.99[]

  • Wagner Disease

    Clinical description Affected patients typically exhibit low or moderate myopia, with only a few suffering from severe myopia.[]

  • Myopia

    CONCLUSIONS: The T-CAT custom PRK procedure provided good early outcomes for treating patients with low to moderate myopia with or without astigmatism.[] The uncorrected distance visual acuity (UDVA) was significantly higher in low and moderate myopia groups than the high myopia group (P 0.001; P 0.002).[] Although high myopia is a strong risk factor for glaucoma subtypes, low and moderate myopia also have a significant effect on glaucoma risk.[]

  • Visual Impairment

    […] to Moderate Myopia (1243m) 2.7% High Myopia (163m) 77.1% Non-Myopes 24.3% Low to Moderate Myopia (1673m) 4.0% High Myopia (277m) 71.7% Non-Myopes 28.7% Low to Moderate Myopia[] […] high-density buildings with proximity to services and industries is not only powering the economic engine of nations but transforming the way our children see the world. 20.2% Low[]

  • Vertical Heterotropia

    moderate hyperopia 1 to 4 18 (2) 31 (4) 25 (2) 46 (6) 20 (1) Low/moderate myopia 4 to 0.5 18 (2) 15 (2) 12.5 (1) 8 (1) 0 High myopia 4 0 8 (1) 0 23 (3) 0 High hyperopia 4[] […] or Dyskinetic-Strabismus Children Esotropia Exotropia Dyskinetic Mild CP % ( n ) Severe CP % ( n ) Mild CP % ( n ) Severe CP % ( n ) Severe CP % ( n ) Refractive Errors Low[]

  • Salzmann's Nodular Dystrophy

    Lamellar Keratectomy is a surgical procedure used to correct high degrees of myopia, and low-to-moderate amounts of hyperopia.[] The author concluded that mini-RK may be a useful alternative to reduce the invasiveness of RK but retain its efficacy in eyes with low to moderate myopia.[] Radial keratotomy for myopia. Ophthalmology. 1993;100(7):1103-1115. American Academy of Ophthalmology. Low to moderate refractive errors. Preferred Practice Pattern.[]

  • Astigmatism

    […] to moderate astigmatism and myopia.[] Wavefront-guided laser in situ keratomileusis using the WaveScan system for correction of low to moderate myopia with astigmatism: 6-month results in 277 eyes.[] […] statistically significantly correlated with the intended cylinder correction (r   0.48, P CONCLUSIONS: TransPRK showed safe, effective and predictable results in the correction of low[]

  • Optic Disc Drusen

    OCT study results revealed that RNFL measurements were lower in the highly myopic eyes than in eyes with low to moderate myopia, and a linear correlation between RNFL thickness[]

  • Hyperopia

    A second classification was "hyperopia, emmetropia, low myopia, and moderate/high myopia" (H, E, LM, MM) with H greater than or equal to 1.00 D, E, -0.49 to 0.99 D, LM, -2.99[] Most of today's scanning laser systems, used in the LASIK and PRK procedures, can safely and effectively perform low, moderate and high hyperopic and hyperopic astigmatic[] One refraction classification for central refraction was "nonmyopia, myopia" (nM, M), consisting of nM greater than -0.50 diopters (D; spherical equivalent) and M less than[]

  • Stickler Syndrome

    […] to involve low tones as well Balance Usually normal ?[] Table 1: Types of Stickler Syndrome Symptom Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Hearing Normal or mild loss Moderate to profound loss, usually progressive High tone loss, slowing progressing[] […] may be affected Usually normal Vision High myopia with vitreous changes /- high pressure and retinal tears High myopia with vitreous changes /- high pressure and retinal tears[]

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